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All About of Symbols

What Is Blueprints Symbols?

Blueprints are basically the combination of some symbols. Blueprints symbols are used to indicate objects, functions or systems in the plan of engineering drawing. Blueprints symbols are generally used in architectural drawing, structural drawing, electrical drawing, etc.

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Floor Plan Symbols

Floor Plan Symbols

Floor plan symbols are basically looking down from the top of the house. In-floor plans we found this type of symbols, it includes furniture, windows, doors, etc. Some common symbols of floor plans are compass, doors, stairs, windows, walls, applications.

  • Compass: It is basically an arrow symbol that gives orientation to the building by which the architect or builder can easily understand the north direction. By this symbol, we can easily detect east, west, north, south directions.
  • Doors: Door symbol is presented by the straight line and the arc shows the opening projection of the door.
  • Stairs: It is basically drawn by parallel lines which is generally located between two windows.
  • Windows: The symbol of window is basically denoted by three lines.
  • Walls: Walls are generally two types; interior walls and exterior walls. Both walls are drawn by two parallel lines but exterior wall lines are dark, thick and interior wall lines are light.
  • Appliances: These are basically the other symbols in floor plan which are bathtub, toilet, sinks, other furniture, etc. All appliances symbols are drawn by single lines.

Some floor plan abbreviations.

  • B- Beam
  • AC- Air Conditioner
  • BV- Butterfly Valve
  • BC- Bookcase
  • CBD- Cupboard
  • CAB- Cabinet
  • CL- Closet
  • CF- Concrete Floor
  • COL- Column
  • CT- Ceramic Tile
  • CW- Cavity Wall
  • DS- Downspout
  • EF- Exhaust Fan
  • DW- Dish Washer
  • GM- Gas Meter
  • HTR- Heater

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HVAC Symbols on Blueprints

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The full form of HVAC is heating, ventilation and air conditioning; these symbols are compacted in one place. These symbols are generally denoted vents of AC, outside part of the building, etc. HVAC symbols are containing some symbols like wall vents, furnaces, ceiling vents, etc.

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Some HVAC symbols are below-

Sr.No. HVAC Symbols on Blueprints Symbols
1 Heater Heater
2 Air Filter Air Filter
3 Air Conditioner Air Conditioner
4 Return Air Vent Return Air Vent
5 Fan FAN
6 Straight Duct
7 Condenser Condenser
8 Y Junction Duct

Plumbing And Piping Blueprint Symbols

In any type of construction project, plumbing blueprint symbols is one of the most important departments. In plumbing, if we talk about piping, then there have a commercial, residential and industrial piping system, by nature of the project this type of piping system is categorized.

Used in manufacturing processes in industrial projects the piping is designed for transferring gas and liquid. On the other hand in commercial and residential projects, the piping system is provided just for water supply, and the freshwater is used for drinking purposes and many more purposes.

Piping and Connection Blueprint Symbols

In the plumbing system, all fixtures and valves are drawn as many symbols that are below-

Sr.No. Plumbing Blueprint Symbols
1.0 Piping Line
1.01 Major Pipeline Major Pipeline
1.02 Connected Pipeline Connected Pipeline
1.03 Major Straight line Major Straight line
1.04 Straight Line Pipe Straight Line Pipe
1.05 Process Connection Process Connection
1.06 Side by Side Side by Side
1.07 Multiple Line Multiple Line
1.08 Soil and Waste, Above Grade, Soil and Waste, Soil and Waste, Above Grade, Soil and Waste
1.09 Below Grade Below Grade
1.10 Vent Vent
1.11 Cold Water Cold Water
1.12 Hot Water Hot Water
1.13 Hot Water Return Hot Water Return
1.14 Fire Line Fire Line
1.15 Gas Line Gas Line
1.16 Acid Waste Acid Waste
1.17 Drinking-Water Supply Drinking-Water Supply
1.18 Drinking-Water Return Drinking-Water Return
1.19 Vacuum Cleaning Vacuum Cleaning
1.20 Compressed Air Compressed Air
2.0 Pipe Fittings Blueprint Symbols
2.01 Pipe Joint Pipe Joint
2.02 Elbow–90° Elbow–90°
2.03 Elbow–45° Elbow–45°
2.04 Elbow–Turned Up Elbow–Turned Up
2.05 Elbow–Turned Down Elbow–Turned Down
2.06 Elbow–Long Radius Elbow–Long Radius
2.07 Side Outlet Elbow– Outlet Down. Side Outlet Elbow– Outlet Down.
2.08 Side Outlet Elbow– Outlet Up Side Outlet Elbow– Outlet Up
2.09 Base Elbow Base Elbow
2.10 Double Branch Elbow Double Branch Elbow
2.11 Single Sweep Tee Single Sweep Tee
2.12 Double Sweep Tee
2.13 Reducing Elbow Reducing Elbow Up
2.14 Reducing Elbow Down
2.15 Tee
2.16 Tee–Outlet Up Tee–Outlet Up
2.17 Side Outlet Tee– Outlet Up Side Outlet Tee Outlet Up
2.18 Side Outlet Tee– Outlet Down Side Outlet Tee– Outlet Down
2.19 Cross Cross
2.20 Concentric Reducer Concentric Reducer
2.21 Eccentric Reducer Eccentric Reducer
2.22 Lateral Lateral
2.23 Expansion Joint Expansion Joint
3.0 Plumbing Valve Blueprint Symbols
3.01 Gate Valve Gate Valve
3.02 Globe Valve Globe Valve
3.03 Angle Globe Valve Angle Globe Valve
3.04 Angle Gate Valve
3.05 Check Valve Check Valve
3.06 Angle Check Valve Angle Check Valve
3.07 Stop Cock Stop Cock
3.08 Safety Valve safety Valve
3.09 Quick-Opening Valve Quick-Opening Valve
3.10 Float Valve Float Valve
3.11 Motor-Operated Gate Valve
4.0 Plumbing Fixture Blueprint Symbols
4.01 Corner Bathtub Corner Bathtub
4.02 Recessed Bathtub
4.03 Sitz Bath
4.04 Bidet Bidet
4.05 Shower Stall Shower Stall
4.06 Shower Head Shower Head
4.07 Overhead Gang Shower Overhead Gang Shower
4.08 Pedestal Lavatory Pedestal Lavatory
4.09 Wall Lavatory Wall Lavatory
4.10 Corner Lavatory Corner Lavatory
4.11 Handicapped Lavatory
4.12 Dental Lavatory Dental Lavatory
4.13 Standard Kitchen Sink Standard Kitchen Sink
4.14 Kitchen Sink, R & L Drain Board Kitchen Sink, R & L Drain Board
4.15 Kitchen Sink, L H Drain Board Kitchen Sink, L H Drain Board
4.16 Combination Sink & Dishwasher Combination Sink & Dishwasher
4.17 Combination Sink & Laundry Tray Combination Sink & Laundry Tray
4.18 Service Sink Service Sink
4.19 Wash Sink (Wall-Type) Wash Sink (Wall-Type)
4.20 Wash Sink Wash Sink
4.21 Laundry Tray (Single) Laundry Tray (Single)
4.22 Laundry Tray (Double) Laundry Tray (Double)
4.23 Water Closet (Tank-Type) Water Closet (Tank-Type)
4.24 Water Closet (Integral Tank) Water Closet (Integral Tank)
4.25 Water Closet(FlushValve, Floor Outlet) Water Closet( FlushValve, Floor Outlet)
4.26 Water Closet(FlushValve, Wall-Hung) Water Closet (FlushValve, Wall-Hung)
4.27 Urinal (Wall-Hung) Urinal (Wall-Hung)
4.28 Urinal (Stall) Urinal (Stall)
4.29 Urinal (Trough-Type) Urinal (Trough-Type)
4.30 Drinking Fountain (Recessed) Drinking Fountain (Recessed)
4.31 Drinking Fountain (Semi-Recessed)  Drinking Fountain (Semi-Recessed)
4.32 Drinking Fountain (Projecting-Type) Drinking Fountain (Projecting-Type)
4.33 Hot Water Tank Hot Water Tank
4.34 Water Heater
4.35 Meter Meter
4.36 Hose Rack Hose Rack
4.37 Hose Bibb Hose Bibb
4.38 Gas Outlet Gas Outlet
4.39 Vacuum Outlet Vacuum Outlet
4.40 Drain Drain
4.41 Grease Separator Grease Separator
4.42 Oil Separator Oil Separator
4.43 Cleanout Cleanout
4.44 Garage Drain Garage Drain
4.45 Floor Drain with Backwater Valve Floor Drain with Backwater Valve
4.46 Roof Sump Roof Sump

Architectural Floor Plan Symbols

Architectural floor plan symbols are various types and they are generally large in size. Architectural symbols are generally categorized into four categories, those are- service symbols, lighting symbols, electrical symbols and plan-elevation-section symbols.

1. Service Blueprint Symbols:

Service symbols are the mechanism symbols which are soil pipes, ventilation, etc.

Sr.No. Service Blueprint  Symbols
1 Rainwater Outlet Rainwater Outlet
2 Soil Vent Pipe Soil Vent Pipe
3 Boiler Flue Boiler Flue
4 Rainwater Hopper Outlet Rainwater Hopper Outlet
5 Mechanical Fan Vent Mechanical Fan Vent
6 Passive Vent Passive Vent
7 Direction of Drainage Direction of Drainage
8 Surface Water Drainage Surface Water Drainage
9 Insulated Rain Water Pipe Insulated Rain Water Pipe
10 Insulated Soil Vent Pipe
11 Soil Vent Pipe At Through Roof Soil Vent Pipe At Through Roof
12 Air Admittance Valve Air Admittance Valve
13 Incoming Hot Water Incoming Hot Water
14 Incoming Cool Water Incoming Cool Water
15 Foul Water Run Above Ground Foul Water Run Above Ground (1)

2. Lighting Blueprint Symbols:

Here, all types of light symbols are discussed, there are various types.

Sr.No. Lighting Blueprint


1 Recessed Spot Light Recessed Spot Light
2 Adjustable Recessed Spot- IP Rated Adjustable Recessed Spot- IP Rated
3 Recessed Spot Light- IP Rated Recessed Spot Light- IP Rated
4 Recessed Floor Light Recessed Floor Light
5 Underwater Light
6 Outdoor Plan Light Outdoor Plan Light
7 Pillar Light Piler Light
8 Wall Light Wall Light
9 Sensor Operated Wall Light Sensor Operated Wall Light
10 Surface Mounted Spot Light IP Rated Surface Mounted Spot Light IP Rated
11 Recessed Stair Light Recessed Stair Light
12 External Wall Mounted Light External Wall Mounted Light
13 LED Strip Light LED Strip Light
14 Fluorescent Strip Light Fluorescent Strip Light
15 Stick on Strip Light Stick on Strip Light
16 Single Gang One Way Light Switch Single Gang One Way Light Switch
17 Double Gang One Way Light Switch Double Gang One Way Light Switch
18 Triple Gang One Way Light Switch Triple Gang One Way Light Switch
19 Single Gang Two Way Light Switch Single Gang Two Way Light Switch
20 Double Gang Two Way Light Switch Double Gang Two Way Light Switch
21 Triple Gang Two Way Light Switch Triple Gang Two Way Light Switch
22 Dimmer Light Switch Dimmer Light Switch
23 2 Way Dimmer Switch 2 Way Dimmer Switch
24 3 Way Dimmer Switch 3 Way Dimmer Switch
25 PIR Sensor PIR Sensor
26 Rocker Switch Rocker Switch
27 Doorbell Doorbell

3. Electrical Blueprint Symbols

Electrical blueprint symbols are very important symbols in engineering drawing. Electrical symbols are included to omit the excess delay of an electric circuit. Electrical blueprint symbols are used in engineering drawing to understand easily for workers and drafters.

Electrical blueprint symbols are in below-

Sr.No. Electrical Blueprint Symbols
1 Single Power Socket Single Power Socket
2 Double Power Socket Double Power Socket 
3 Cooker Point Cooker Point
4 Unswitched Fused Spur Unswitched Fused Spur
5 External Power Socket External Power Socket
6 Telephone Point Telephone Point 
7 Cat 6 Data Point Cat 6 Data Point
8 Extract Vent Extract Vent
9 Fire Alarm Panel Fire Alarm Panel
10 Shaver Socket Shaver Socket
11 Speaker Point Speaker Point
12 TV Aerial Point TV Aerial Point
13 Floor Box Floor Box
14 Floor Socket Floor Socket 
15 Passive Extract Passive Extract
16 Mechanical Extract Mechanical Extract 
17 Distribution Board Distribution Board
18 Smoke Detector Smoke Detector
19 Heat Detector Heat Detector
20 Carbon Monoxide Detector Carbon Monoxide Detector
21 Extract Fan Extract Fan
22 Underfloor Heating Control Underfloor Heating Control


HVAC Blueprint Symbols

An example is: “KLCC/HVAC/SHOPDWG/L6/01”. Most of the time, the drawing number starts with the shorten project name followed by the service/system, the drawing type, the floor number and finally, the revision number. However, it can be written in other formats and it’s all depending on the project.

Construction Blueprint Symbols

Graphic symbols are used in construction drawings as a pictorial shorthand to reduce drawing time and coordinate separate drawings. For example, symbols can be used on a floor-plan drawing to indicate placement and type of specific equipment such as electrical outlets and wall light switches.

Blueprints Symbols

Blueprint symbols are generally used to indicate function, objects, or systems in the floor plan or any kind of engineering drawing. It could be present in structural drawing, architectural drawing, electrical drawing, machine, etc.

Plumbing Blueprint Symbols

Spread the Blueprint on a Table, Counter or Other Flat Surface That Will Allow You to Read the Entire Page at Once.
Read the Schedules That Accompany the Blueprints.

Electrical Blueprint Symbols

  • Ground or Earth.
  • Resistor.
  • Switch.
  • Capacitor.
  • Fuse.
  • Antenna.
  • Inductor.
  • Transformer.

Symbols on Blueprints

Most floor plans include extra symbols that stand not for physical components but rather various pieces of information. A number riding a line with arrows at both ends displays the dimensions of a particular section of wall; an arrow, a circle and the letter n in combination show the direction of north.

HVAC Symbols and Meanings

It’s going to be a point of pressure change and always duct constructed downstream to the bv. Box is considered low pressure. This looks like a typical patient room where you’ve got a slot fuser.

HVAC Electrical Symbols

HVAC Symbols in Electrical and Electronic Schematics Are Used in the Design of the Printed Circuit Board or Wiring Diagram of the Air Conditioning System. If You Would Like to Troubleshoot the System Which Is Not Functioning Well, Getting a Manual and the Circuit Diagram of the System Is Necessary.

List of All HVAC Symbols

Fire Dampers Are Shown as a Dotted or Solid Line Through the Duct at the Point Where It Penetrates the Fire Rated Wall, Accompanied by a Solid Diamond, Square or Other Shape, Often with the Abbreviation Fd (Fire Damper) as Shown Below.

Symbols for Heating and Cooling

The sun symbol represents heat mode. This is the opposite of the cool mode and is used to heat the room, usually during the cooler winter months.

Plumbing Blueprint Symbols

Visit the county clerk’s office in the county where your home resides. This may be called the county recorder or land registrar in some municipalities. Once there, request copies of the blueprints on file for the property.

Architectural Symbols

As specified in the Australian Standard AS1100.301 Clause 4.3.2, an architectural symbol is a mark, a character, a letter, or a combination to indicate an object, idea, or process on a drawing. In other words, symbols help us to understand design ideas that are conveyed by architects or engineers.

Architectural Plumbing Symbols

This Architectural plumbing symbols page is for you if you’re in the process of designing a home and it’s time to check your blueprints for the impact that the plumbing arrangements will have on the design.

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