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All About Closet Door

What Is Closet Door?

What Is Closet Door?

A closet door is a type of door which is used to separate or enclose an area like a walk-in closet, wardrobe closet, linen closet, utility closet, coat closet, broom closet, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, bedroom, etc.

Sometimes, the closet room also acts as a room partition. Right choice of a closet door can change the whole appearance of your room.

Sometimes finest adjustment of the closet door can create more space in your closet.

List of Doors Closet

Here, the list of doors closet are as follows.

  1. Bypass Closet Door:
  2. Pocket Closet Door:
  3. Glass Closet Door:
  4. Pivot Closet Door:
  5. French Closet Door:
  6. Bi-fold Closet Door:
  7. Louvered Closet Door:
  8. Bookcase Closet Door:
  9. Accordion Closet Door:
  10. Double Closet Door:
  11. Wood Closet Door:
  12. Mirrored Closet Door:
  13. Single Panel Closet Door:
  14. Sliding Bar Closet Door:
  15. Synthetic Material Closet Door:

Types of Closet Doors

Types of Closet Doors

There are generally various types of closet doors available in the marketplace. Here, we only discuss 15 types of the closet door; those are the following.

1. Bypass Closet Door:

A sliding closet door is well-known as a Bypass closet door. These types of doors are available in a wide range of materials like aluminum, glass, etc. These doors are very easy and simple to use.

2. Pocket Closet Door:

This type of door is basically a small opening in the wall. Pocket closet doors are limited-space doors and are seen in old houses.

This door opening is constructed in the wall, that’s why the door is not visible when it is fully opened. The installation charge of this door is too much, which is the main reason for the unavailability of this door.

3. Glass Closet Door:

Glass closet is a modern type of closet door. Generally, three types of glass are used in glass closet doors those are simple, transparent glass, colored glass, and frosted glass. The cost of a glass closet door is much higher than the other ones.

Where privacy is not a big issue, then you can undoubtedly use a transparent door. With this transparent door, you can easily select your clothes without opening the door.

For cleaning purposes of this glass closet door, use vinegar or water solution. Glass doors are made of very damage-prone material, so work with them gently and carefully.

4. Pivot Closet Door:

Generally, pivot doors create a good impression on the room. Here, pivots are used at the top and bottom of the door, and no hinges are used.

Pivots create a large path of opening to the closet. This type of door is beautiful and efficient for large rooms. Pivot doors can be easily modified and are very flexible for use anywhere. The installation cost of these doors is very much high because it requires skilled labor.

5. French Closet Door:

This type of door can be opened from the middle because all the hinges are connected from the middle. These are made from light wooden materials, and the frames are made of glass. Sometimes, panels are also made of glass.

Those French doors, which are walk-in-closet type and made of transparent glass, are very much attractive. Sometimes, those doors are also made of wood panels for a traditional looking.

The cost of these doors is a little bit higher than the other ones because of the materials and finish. The one disadvantage of this door is it takes up a lot of space for opening purposes.

6. Bi-fold Closet Door:

The bi-fold closet door is the most popular closet door which is used in recent times. This type of door is separated into two parts, and hinges are attached to the middle portion of the door.

It also saves a lot of space with some beautiful styles. This door provides the whole width of the closet, whereas the sliding closet door only provides half a portion of the closet.

7. Louvered Closet Door:

The louvered closet door can increase the aesthetic beauty of the closet. These types of doors are made of wood and provide a pleasant outlook. The panels of these doors are made of slats which provide good ventilation. Louvered doors are generally used in the bedroom and laundry rooms.

8. Bookcase Closet Door:

This type of door is also called as hidden door & it is another style of the hidden door. A hidden door is used for hidden room purposes where you can keep your valuable things safely. This closet also helps to show your showpieces.

Bookcase closets are generally made of solid wood, that’s why the cost of this product is higher. Sometimes plywood is also used to construct this type of closet door, and installation charges are also low. In several places, these types of doors are used and it is a good decoration option for your bedroom.

9. Accordion Closet Door:

This type of closet door is made of timber, fiberglass, aluminum, lightweight PVC, etc. Sometimes, acrylic materials are inserted into the door, which looks like frosted or clear glass. In the accordion door, we mainly used short panels.

10. Double Closet Door:

This type of door is best for smaller type closets. These are fashionable types of doors, but it mainly used for household purposes. It generally contains two hinged doors, one opens left, and another one opens right.

In this when one door opens then, the other one remains closed. The double closet door needs front space for opening, but it is a little bit difficult in a crowded room.

11. Wood Closet Door:

This type of door is generally used in internal purposes. Wood doors are very much easy to create than metal door. This is available in different types. The price of this door is reasonable and it has an elegant appearance.

12. Mirrored Closet Door:

Mirror closet door provides service as a door and a mirror also. This type of door increases the beauty of your bedroom.

This can preserve more wall space and creates a good impression to the large room. These closet doors reflect sunlight and create extra brightness to the room. It will increase the appearance and atmosphere of that room.

13. Single Panel Closet Door:

Single panel closet is very much useful when you do have not enough space for a double panel closet door. It is generally a swinging door which is generally designed as a bedroom door.

14. Sliding Bar Closet Door:

It is basically a sliding door that has a bottom track and an exposed metal bar. It also contains lower wheels for forward and backward direction movement.

If you are searching for a vintage look, then obviously, you can go for this option, and the installation charges for this type of door is also moderate.

15. Synthetic Material Closet Door:

The main materials of synthetic closet doors are acrylic, PVC, etc. It is available in different designs along with different materials.

The longevity of this product is very high, and it is also lightweight. Basically, if you want a different look with modern designs, then you obviously go for this option.

Bypass Closet Doors for Bedrooms

Bypass Closet Doors for Bedrooms

A bypass closet door is widely known as a sliding closet door. Generally, these doors are placed in the track. Various types of materials are used to construct the bypass closet doors; those are aluminum, wood, glass, etc.

Bypass doors need a front space for opening. These types of doors are very lightweight.

Replacing Closet Doors:

Replacing Closet Doors

There are several steps are included for replacing closet doors; those are following below.

  1. First, you need to remove the old door, and after that, remove the track from the header.
  2. Then pull off all the nails from the old casing of the door.
  3. Thirdly, bring new frames for the new opening and new nails for construction purposes.
  4. Make sure that all the plumbing materials for closet doors are perfectly vertical.
  5. The middle blank spaces are filled with drywall. Those drywalls are fitted with screws.
  6. After that, primer and paints are applied. After doorframes are attached to closet doors.
  7. Finally install, the casing and finish nailer is used for trimming.

High-End Closet Doors:

High-End Closet Doors

  1. High-end closet doors are similar to double closet door.
  2. These types of doors are longer than usual ones.
  3. The normal size of these doors is generally 7 feet to 8 feet.

Tinted Glass Closet Doors:

Tinted Glass Closet Doors

  1. Tinted glass closets are similar to glass closet doors.
  2. This type of closet door is generally placed in bedrooms and drawing rooms.
  3. It produces a classy and elegant look to the atmosphere.

Modern Closet Doors:

Modern Closet Doors

  1. Modern closet doors are made of modern fiber materials.
  2. This type of door is available in different colors.
  3. Modern closet doors are similar to PVC closet doors, and the price of these doors is about $95 to $98.

Trackless Sliding Closet Doors:

Trackless Sliding Closet Doors

  1. The trackless sliding door is also well known as the hanging closet door. The name of this closet door is trackless, but still, those have tracks.
  2. The trackless sliding door is easy to clean, and this has upper tracks & inward wheels.
  3. The cost of this type of door is a little bit higher because the installation charges are very much high.

Acrylic Sliding Closet Door:

Acrylic Sliding Closet Door

  1. The acrylic sliding closet door is a modern type of door.
  2. The cost of this type of door is near about 1500 rupees.
  3. It provides a classy and elegant look to the room.
  4. Different styles are available for acrylic closet doors.


What Is Closet Door?

Almost everyone is familiar with sliding closet doors, commonly known as bypass closet doors. The bypass doors are placed within the frame having a track that enables the doors to slide past each other. They are now available in a wide range of materials, including wood, aluminum, as well as glass.

What Is the Purpose of Closet Doors?

Commonly installed on wardrobe closets, walk-in closets, linen closets, coat closets, broom closets, utility closets, and in laundry rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchens, a Closet Door is used to cover or divide a space.

What Are Closet Doors Made Of?

Bypass Closet Doors are available in Aluminum, Composite Wood, Steel, and Wood. Bi-Fold Closet Doors are available in Aluminum, Composite Wood, and Wood. Room Dividers are available in Aluminum, Composite Wood, Steel, and Wood.

What Type of Closet Door Is Best?

The best closet door styles for your home.

  1. Bypass Closet Door
  2. Pocket Closet Door
  3. Glass Closet Door
  4. Pivot Closet Door
  5. French Closet Door
  6. Bi-fold Closet Door
  7. Louvered Closet Door
  8. Bookcase Closet Door
  9. Accordion Closet Door
  10. Double Closet Door
  11. Wood Closet Door
  12. Mirrored Closet Door
  13. Single Panel Closet Door
  14. Sliding Bar Closet Door
  15. Synthetic Material Closet Door

Are Closet Doors Necessary?

No building code dictates that closet doors are necessary. Even home design has, increasingly, grown to include closets without doors as perfectly normal. It’s, of course, a matter of preference and taste, like any other home decor – but many homes are featuring closets that have no doors.

Can I Use an Interior Door for a Closet?

Closet Door Options Pro tip: You can use any interior door as a closet door. Barn doors make excellent closet doors because they don’t take up functional space, they simply slide parallel to the wall on a rail. The same goes for sliding closet doors. Bi-fold doors work well in closets, too.

What Is a Closet Bypass Door?

Sliding closet doors (also known as bypass closet doors) are traditional sliding doors with two or more door panels that slide on a roller track. They are great for saving space, although the drawback is that only a portion of the closet can be accessed at any time.

What Is a Closet Door Jamb?

Simply put, a door jamb is the two vertical sides of the door frame. Without the door jamb, you wouldn’t be able to hang your door because you wouldn’t have any supports to hang the hinges. This is why most prehung doors come pre-installed on door jambs.

How Much Does a Closet Door Cost?

A bedroom or closet door replacement averages $100 to $300 in labor, with door costs typically ranging from $50 to $500. Wood French doors can cost from $600 to $4,500 or more. Your final price will depend on the type, frame or trim replacements, and fitting.

Are Closet Doors Standard Size?

Typical widths can range from 24” to 72”. For spans up to 36”, your closet doors will have two panels or one door opening from the right or left. For widths between 36” and 72”, four panels will be needed for your bifold door, or two doors – one on each side.

How Wide Is a Closet Door?

Typical widths can range from 24” to 72”. For spans up to 36”, your closet doors will have two panels or one door opening from the right or left. For widths between 36” and 72”, four panels will be needed for your bifold door, or two doors – one on each side.

What Is the Standard Opening for a Closet Door?

6-foot-wide closet opening is the most common, but you can install closet doors in an opening of just about any width. Sets of bifolds are available in a variety of widths (in multiples of 2 inches) and bypass doors can be cut to any width desired. The standard height is 80 inches (the same as for an entry door).

What Material Is Best for Closet?

The two best materials for assembling custom closets are melamine and wood for their durability, versatility, and beauty. Find out below what makes melamine and wood the top material choices for custom closets.

What Can I Use Instead of Bifold Doors in My Closet?

Sliding doors offer sleek functionality with a modern look. Like bifold doors, these are installed on a track in the closet frame. However, the door shifts to the side inside the closet instead of folding open.

What Are the Easiest Closet Doors to Install?

When it comes to classic closet door ideas, make sure French doors are on your list. They are eye-catching, work well for walk-in closets, and many even come pre-hung so they aren’t super-hard to install. They are also made so that they can swing inward or outward so factor that in when selecting one for your home.

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