What Is Dressing of Stone | Types of Dressing of Stone

Dressing of Stone

What Is Dressing of Stone?

Dressing of stone is a process of providing a proper shape, size and smooth finish to the rough-surfaced broken stone which is collected from a quarry.

This process is done by either hand tools or machinery. Hand tools are used as a pickaxe, chisel etc. Stone dressing process is required more technical skilled labours and fair understanding of drawing, materials and specifications.

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Objects of Dressing of Stone

Objects of Dressing of Stone

  1. Reduce the size: The big sizes of rock pieces are needed to reduce its size in a lift-able size piece, that’s why it needs the size correction.
  2. Proper shape: The proper shape of the stone is required because the stone is used in a different place like foundation, arch, floors etc.
  3. Proper finish: Stones are mainly used in for decoration purpose that’s why it needs a proper glossy finish.

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Stages in the Dressing of Stone

  1. Sizing: Sizing is the process where we remove the extra portion of a stone by hand tools like hammer, chisel etc. It’s done to give a stone to a proper shape.
  2. Shaping: Shaping is the process where we remove the sharp sides of a stone block.
  3. Planning: Planning is the advanced type of dressing where the stone is cleaned of all kind of irregularity.
  4. Finishing: Finishing of stone is the process of rubbing of the stone surface by silicon carbide.
  5. Polishing: It is the last stage if dressing and polishing are done only on marble, limestone and granite.

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Types of Dressing of Stone:

There are so many types of dressing exist, those are-

  • Pitched Dressing:
  • Hammer Dressing:
  • Chisel Drafting:
  • Rough Tooling:
  • Punched Dressing:
  • Close Picked and Fine Tooling:
  • Boasted Finish:
  • Scabbling:
  • Reticulated Finish:
  • Vermiculated Finish:

1. Pitched Dressing:

The edges of the stone block is levelled with a hammer in pitched dressing.

Pitched Dressing

2. Hammer Dressing:

In this type of dressing process, the large part of the rocks are levelled with a hammer but due to hammering hammer marks are shown in the rock.

Hammer dressed stones do not have any sharp edges, and it’s perfectly fitted in the masonry. Those blocks are square in shape, and vertical sides are 8 to 10 cm from the face.

Hammer dressing process is done by Waller’s hammer.

3. Chisel Drafting:

In the chisel drafting method, drafts and groove are made at all the four edges, and extra stone at the centre is also removed by this method.

Chisel Drafting

4. Rough Tooling:

Rough tooling is the process where the edges are squared by hammer and chisel. Then all the series of the groove is created with this method.

5. Punched Dressing:

This dressing method of stone 1 cm vertical or horizontal groove is sunk into the stone.

6. Close Picked and Fine Tooling:

To get a refined surface, a punched stone is again dressed. This method gives you a fine texture and attractive look.

7. Boasted Finish:

In this method stone covered with parallel marks through their direction. This marks may be horizontal or angle.

8. Scabbling:

This type of method is done in the query, and irregular edges of the stone are broke by scabbling.

stone scabbling

8. Reticulated Finish:

This is done when 2 cm wide margin on it’s aside. 6 mm deep sunk is done.

Reticulated Finish

9. Vermiculated Finish:

In this finish, there is more curved and worm-eaten type appearance. It is not more popular because it required a lot of labours.

Vermiculated Finish

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Short Note

Types of Dressing of Stone

  • Pitched Dressing:
  • Hammer Dressing:
  • Chisel Drafting:
  • Rough Tooling:
  • Punched Dressing:
  • Close Picked and Fine Tooling:
  • Boasted Finish:
  • Scabbling:

What Is a Dressing Stone?

Dressing of Stone is the working of quarried stone into the shape and size required for use. This can be necessary as stones obtained from quarrying generally do not have the exact required dimensions or finish. Axed: Hard stones such as granite are dressed using a stone axe.

Dressed Stone

stone that has been worked to a desired shape; the faces to be exposed are smooth, usually ready for installation.

What Is the Purpose of Dressing of Stones?

Dressing of stone is a process of providing a proper shape, size and smooth finish to the rough-surfaced broken stone which is collected from a quarry.

Which Stone Does Not Required Dressing?

Quarry faced finished stones are stones which have smooth surface and do not require any dressing. These types of stones are sometimes directly available from quarrying. These are also called as self-faced stones or rock faced stones.

What Is Dressing Stone Made Of?

dressing stick is simply a compressed stick of aluminum oxide abrasive. The grit size of a dressing stick can vary depending on the task that is required of it.

What Is Quarrying and Dressing of Stones?

The process of taking stones from the natural bed is known as ‘Quarrying‘. The operation of stone dressing is generally carried out at the site of quarry so as to reduce the transportation cost. Once quarried, the stones are cut into the suitable size and surface finishes. This process is termed as dressing of stones.


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