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Information of  Granite Flooring

One of the common questions which will arise when we constructing our new house that what type of flooring we should choose for our house. Nowadays, Granite flooring becomes very popular and used almost everywhere in the interior of the house. Granite provides an aesthetical look and also it is durable.

In this article, you will get to know all about granite flooring, its advantages, disadvantages, the installation process of granite flooring.

What is Granite A Stone?

Granite- A Stone

Granite is basically coarse-grained, igneous rock that is rich in silica, aluminum, and potassium-bearing minerals. Granite is one of the commonly used crystalline rocks. Granite is one of the popular types of building materials that are widely used in the construction industry. The Granite tiles are dense and possess high strength.

Granite makes a large part of the earth’s continental crust and is generally used as a decorative stone in the front of the buildings, and mostly used in the kitchen counters. Granite comes in a wide range of colors, designs, and patterns in the market which will improve the look of your structure.

What is Granite Flooring?

Granite is made up of minerals such as feldspar and quartz, which add to its feature sparkle. Granite Flooring gives an atmosphere of wealth, and its beauty surpasses most of the other tile’s materials. It is a bit expensive and weighty, so experts must install it. Being a natural stone product, it is Eco-friendly.

Durability is one of the most attractive aspects of granite. Homeowners who expect significant foot traffic in certain spaces will do well to install granite flooring. As long as you use the right granite sealer and cleaner, your granite tiles can last for decades.

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Granite as a Flooring Option

Granite as a Flooring Option

Nowadays, the Granite stone is widely used for flooring because of its numerous advantages and beautiful look. Granite is the most popular type of flooring for the interior as well as for the exterior of the buildings. Granite has a high content of silica due to it has high hardness and it is commonly used in high foot traffic areas to withstand loads.

Granite is one of the best flooring options that come with a wide range of colors and textures so that you can choose as per your requirement. Granite tiles are an economical, durable flooring option that also requires very little maintenance.

Types of Granite Tiles for Flooring

There are various types of granite tiles for flooring are available in the market with various types of designs and patterns which are as follows

  •  S K Blue granite
  •  Madurai Gold granite
  • Kashmir White Granite
  • Platinum White Granite
  • Crystal Yellow Granite
  • Rosy Pink Granite
  • Steel Grey granite
  • Tan Brown Granite
  • Black Galaxy Granite

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1. S K Blue Granite

S K Blue granite

In this type of granite, you will get a pattern on its surface and it is generally used on the staircase. The cost of S K blue granite tiles is around Rs 140/ square feet.

2. Madurai Gold Granite

Madurai Gold granite

The Madurai Gold Granite is a unique and special texture granite slab that comes with a golden-colored surface texture and looks very beautiful in the interior of the buildings.

This type of granite slab absorbs little water that’s why it is not ideal to install in bathrooms and balconies. This is scratch-proof and hard stone. It is generally used for kitchen tops, floorings, wall cladding, etc. The cost of Madurai gold granite slabs is around Rs 175/ square feet.

3. Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir White Granite

The Kashmir white granite has a glossy finish and it is more durable. The thickness of these granite slabs ranges between 20mm to 30mm. It will help to improve the beauty of your home and generally used in the kitchen tops and floorings etc. It will retain its original color for a longer period.

It is available in the following sizes

  • 60 cm x 30 cm
  • 60 cm x 60 cm

The price of the Kashmir white granite slab ranges between Rs 80-90/ square feet. This is an extremely popular type of granite slab because of its low cost.

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4. Platinum White Granite

Platinum White Granite

The platinum white granite has a bright-colored surface and also cheaper than other types of granite. It is more durable and available with a leather finish. The cost of platinum white granite is Rs 50/ square feet. It has a beautiful look and finishes.

5. Crystal Yellow Granite

Crystal Yellow Granite

The crystal yellow granite is generally used in the interiors and flooring and has a bright color. It has evenly scattered crystals and it is one of the most uniform tiles which has a thickness of about 18mm to 20mm.

6. Rosy Pink Granite

Rosy Pink Granite

The rosy pink granite has attractive designs and beautiful patterns on its surface. It is one of the economical types of granite tiles. It has good resistance to scratch and has high breaking strength and smooth texture.

It is also popular as a zero maintenance granite because of its high durability and strength. It does not require sealing which ultimately saves the cost of sealant. The cost of Rosy Pink Granite is around Rs 85/ square feet.

7. Steel Grey Granite

Steel Grey granite

The Steel grey granite has a shade of grey and flecks of a lighter grey on its surface. It is available in the slabs and generally used in the exterior and interior works for commercial as well as residential buildings.

The cost of a steel grey granite slab ranges between Rs 60-70/square feet. These are available in different sizes and have excellent finished surfaces.

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8. Tan Brown Granite

Tan Brown Granite

Tan Brown granite surface has a presence of black, grey tones evenly spread on the light brown surface of the granite tiles. It comes with a flamed, brushed, polished leather finish. You can also use tan brown granite in the front elevation of the building because of its beautiful texture.

The cost of tan brown granite is around Rs 100/ square feet. It is available in dark color and is mostly used in the flooring.

9. Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy Granite

The Black Galaxy design is the most popular and enhances the look of your kitchen tops and flooring. It is available in different shades of black color from light to dark.

It offers a very attractive look at stars in the galaxy that’s why it is named Black Galaxy Granite. It is mostly used in kitchen tops. The particles in this Galaxy black granite reflect and gives a mirror finish. It is expensive as compared to other types of granite slabs. The cost of the Black galaxy granite is Rs 200/ square feet.

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Market Price of Granite Tiles

The price segment of the granite tiles may vary from place to place. But we have given a range of the prices of granite tiles so that you will have an idea of its cost.

The cost of the granite tiles also depends upon the thickness of the granite tiles. It also depends upon the color and pattern of granite.

The cost of the granite tiles also varies as per the quality of the granite.

Price of Granite Flooring Tiles

Granite Tiles Cost of Granite Slab Per Square Feet
S K Blue granite $ 2.00
Madurai Gold granite $ 2.40
Kashmir White Granite $ 1.10 – $ 1.30
Platinum white Granite $ 1.00
Crystal Yellow Granite $ 1.10 – $ 1.30
Rosy Pink Granite $ 1.15
Steel Grey granite $ 1.0 to $ 1.30
Tan Brown Granite $ 1.40
Black Galaxy Granite $ 2.75

Installation of Granite Flooring ?

Here, we have explained a step-by-step procedure for the installation of the granite tile flooring in your home.

Equipment required for the installation of granite flooring is as follows.

  • Notched trowel
  • Grout float
  • Penetrating grout sealer
  • Paper towel
  • Rubber mallet
  • Wet saw
  • Plastic spacers
  • Floor tiles- made of granite
  • Grout sponge
  • Backer-board
  • Screw
  • Level

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How to Install Granite Flooring

The step by step procedure of the installation of the granite flooring is as follows.

Step 1: Preparation of Subfloor

Preparation of Subfloor

  • The first step of the installation of the granite flooring is to clean the subfloor surface and make it even.
  • During cleaning the subfloor, the paints and sealants should be scrapped properly with sandpaper.
  • The uneven subfloor can cause cracks and weak points in the granite flooring. This may affect the durability and strength of the granite flooring.
  • If you are installing the granite flooring directly on the concrete flooring then make sure that you will seal and fill all the cracks and holes.
  • Fill all the pores and voids and sweep off the debris, so that the granite flooring can be properly installed.
  • If the granite flooring is to be installed on the old flooring, then remove the old tiles completely.

Step 2: Laying of the Granite Tiles

Laying of the Granite tiles

  • The layout of the granite tiles flooring should be planned so that there will not be any issues while its installation.
  • The Tile that is used in the installation of the flooring should be 90-degree corner tile. You can use Tile spacers if the size of the room is more, it will help you to get an idea about the size of tiles required to cut.

Step 3: Mixing and Application of Mortar

Mixing and application of Mortar 

  • For the installation of the granite flooring, you have to use a special type of mortar. It is generally recommended that 1 part of cement and 5 parts of sand is mixed with water to achieve the consistency of the mix.
  • The thickness of 6mm to 8mm is applied with the help of a trowel.

Step 4: Installation of Granite Flooring

  • The Granite tiles are placed on the floor with the help of the plastic spacer so that the alignment of the tiles should be correctly maintained.
  • Place the granite tiles on the top of the floor and then press it firmly on all the corners so that there will not be any voids will be remained at the bottom side of the granite flooring.
  • Lightly tap the tile with the help of the rubber mallet so that the complete tile will get attached to the mortar.

Step 5: Application of Grout Over Tiles

  • The grout is applied to the gaps between the two tiles so that there will be a good bond between the tiles.
  • Then allow the grout to be cured properly then only do the cleaning of the tiles. The grouts are mixed in small batches and they should be used within 15 to 20 min of preparation.

Step 6: Cleaning and Sealing

Cleaning and sealing

  • The final step in the process of the granite tile installation is the cleaning and finishing of the granite surface so that it can be ready for use.
  • Clean the granite flooring surface with a sponge and warm water and sweep off all the dust and debris from it.
  • Generally, the granite with dark color does not require sealing but some light color required sealing as it helps to enhance the surface of the flooring and make it shine.
  • Hence, the procedure of the installation of the granite flooring is completed and it is ready to use.

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Finishes Available for Granite Flooring

There are various types of finishes are available for the granite flooring that is as follows

1. Smooth Finish

The smooth finish is generally used for the interior of the buildings. The tiles are polished to achieve a smooth finish on their surface and they look very beautiful. The smooth finish is ideal for the interior of the structures that add elegance to your home.

The smooth finishing of the granite will give the surface of granite a mirror-like shine.

2. Rough Finish

The rough finish to the surface of granite is usually used for the exteriors of the buildings.

3. Leathered Finish

Leathered finish is also one of the popular types of finish that enhance not only look but also properties of the granite.

4. Bush Hammered Finish

The bush hammered finish is achieved with the help of special tool on the surface of the granite. In this type of finish, a proper and regular cleaning is required to maintain good appearance.

5. Flamed Finish

The flamed finish to granite is achieved by applying high temperatures that creates a unique color. The Flamed finish is also used for the exteriors of the buildings and have a high flame that is applied on the surface.

6. Honed Finish

This type of finishing is suitable for the areas having high traffic. It is also used for the countertops but it does not have good resistance to the stains.

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5 Most Popular Granite Colors of 2022

The 5 most popular types of colors tiles that are mostly used in slabs are as follows

1. Blue Pearl Granite

Blue Pearl Granite

The Blue pearl granite has a blue color shade on its surface. This is one of the premium types of granite tile which is ideal for the countertops. The cost of blue pearl granite ranges between Rs 350 to Rs 550/square feet.

The Blue pearl granite is a natural type of granite that does not absorb water that’s why it is best suitable for kitchen tops. The Blue pearl granite gives metallic background.

2. Black Pearl Granite

Black Pearl granite

The Black pearl granite comes in a dark black color which has a black mirror finishing. You can use this granite in the kitchen tops, staircase, etc. This type of granite also does not absorb water.

The cost of the Black pearl granite ranges between Rs 250-300/ square feet. This type of granite is available in thickness ranges from 16mm to 20mm.

3. Black Pearl Leather Granite

Black Pearl Leather Granite

This type of granite is of dark color and available in different types of colors which give a beautiful texture.

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4. Alaska White Granite

Alaska White Granite

The Alaska white granite comes with a light background and dark minerals present on the surface. It has a pale silver and white color with natural and frosty marks preset on it. It does not require any type of chemical processing. Alaska white granite is ideal for commercial as well as residential buildings.

5. White Sparkle Granite

White Sparkle Granite

The white sparkle granite slabs are durable slabs that have wide applications in interior projects as well as commercial projects. It comes with a white color in the background and grey and brown specks.

Pros of Granite Flooring

Here, the Advantages of granite tile flooring are as follows.

  1. Granite has a higher density as compared to other types of stones.
  2. Granite has good weather and stain resistance due to which it is widely used in interior works.
  3. The Granite stone is very easy to clean and maintain.
  4. It has a high load-bearing capacity due to it is not easily broken.

Cons of Granite Flooring

Here, the Disadvantages of granite tile flooring are as follows.

  1. The polishing of the granite flooring is a little difficult and expensive.
  2. Granite tiles are heavy, that’s why some floors may not support loads of the heavy granite slabs.
  3. It is not possible to install granite at the kitchen top if the construction of your house is old.
  4. The installation process of the granite is difficult and required skilled labors.
  5. Granite flooring maintenance is very time-consuming.

Uses of Granite as Building Material

There are various uses of granite in the construction that are as follows.

  1. Granite has high resistance to chemicals and acids due to which it is widely used in the kitchen top.
  2. Granite is generally used in the flooring at railway stations or places where there is a high movement of traffic.
  3. It is also widely used in staircase and wall claddings.
  4. Generally, the Black Granite is more popular and have high cost as compared to another type of colors.

How to Buy Best Granite Slabs?

There is a common question running in the mind of people that How to purchase Granite slabs for your home. Here, we have listed some points that you should consider while buying granite so that you will not have to face any kind of problem.

  1. While you buy Granite, check whether the granite is colored coated or natural granite. The color-coated granite is a converted granite that has a layer of color applied on it and these may lose their color with time so we always recommend buying a natural granite.
  2. To check whether the granite is color coated or natural there is a simple hack, simply apply water to the back of the granite and check whether the color is uniform or not.
  3. The natural granite has a uniform color on both sides whereas in the case of color-coated granite there is a slight difference between the shade of color on both sides.
  4. Always go for natural granite as their finish and color are more durable than the color-coated granite, the color-coated granite may lose its color.
  5. Check whether there are any cracks are present on the granite. Always purchase granite in a day because at night the original color and cracks are not properly visible, it is only identified in daylight.
  6. Check the dimensions of the granite tiles whether they are as per the size that is mentioned and it should also have uniform color and texture.

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Conclusion of  Granite Flooring

Granite flooring is one of the best and popular flooring options because of its various advantages and characteristics. It is also popular for use in kitchen tops.


Granite Stone

Granite is an igneous rock, which means it was once molten and formed as it cooled deep within the earth. Minerals within granite typically appear as small flecks throughout the stone, once creating a “salt and pepper” look. Other types have veining similar to marble. Granite is a dense-grained, hard stone.

Superior Granite

The reason is that level 3 grade and above is considered the finest granite around. Depending on the source of the stone, the colors, patterns, veining, and hard and soft minerals, it can be worth double or triple of what the other grades cost. Top-quality granite comes from all over the world, as well.

Modern Marble and Granite

35 reviews of modern marble & granite “we own a construction company here in dc, karma home designs. We use modern marble and granite for all our granite

Top Marble and Granite

Established in 1998, top marble & granite has been leading the field of manufacture, supply and export of a range of stones, tiles, sanitary ware

Yellow Granite Stone

Crystal yellow granite is a premium north india granite which is yellow in color. It is having a shiny yellow surface with black dots which looks aesthetic. Attractive patterns and appealing texture of crystal yellow granite slab are the key reasons that have raised its demand in the global markets.

Premium Granite

Premium grade is the desired quality for a granite countertop. It will have consistent color and veining throughout the entire slab. Premium will also have few cracks, fissures, or flaws of any kind, making it easier for a fabricator to use the entire slab.

Bianco Sardo Granite

The color is bianco sardo and it consists of a primarily white background with a gray and black grain pattern. This specific level makes the stone consistent while its colors keep it natural looking.

Azul Aran Granite

Azul aran granite from spain is a blue colored slab with a polished, leathered or honed finish. It’s a durable granite recommended for kitchen counters or bathroom countertops. Category: granite countertops tags: 3cm, blue, honed, leathered, polished, spain.

Brown Persa Granite

If you are thinking of a kitchen renovation, you should know that dark speckled granite is no longer in vogue. Having said that, granite has many advantages as a choice for a kitchen counter top. Granite is a very durable and hard stone.

How to Install Granite Tile Floor?

Following steps for granite tile flooring installation.

  1. Prepare the Sub-Floor
  2. Layout the Tiles
  3. Mix and Apply Mortar
  4. Install Granite Flooring
  5. Spread Grout Over Tile
  6. Cleaning and Sealing

How to Install Granite Flooring?

Is Granite Rough or Smooth?

A granite countertop of sufficient quality should feel as smooth as glass. What About Polishing the Surface? Some may suggest that the solution to a rough granite countertop surface is more polishing.

How Much Do Granite Tiles Cost?

Granite flooring tiles can run $2-$10 a square foot, depending on size, color and quality, or $200-$1,000 for enough tiles for a 10×10-foot foyer. However, prices for premium granite floor tiles can be as much as $10-$40 a square foot for special colors or finishes.

Is White Granite Good for Flooring?

The Kashmir White Granite is a highly durable and glossy material. This is a uniform material and an ideal choice for flooring. You can buy tiles of Kashmir White Granite in all sizes for your flooring requirements. We recommend for better durability and strength.

Is Granite Good for Livingroom Flooring?

From cream to dark colours like brown or black, you can choose any granite flooring design of your choice for your porch, hall or living room. All thanks to their luxe finish and soft-on-feet texture, almost every granite flooring design is good for your halls, take our word for it.

Granite Floor Design Patterns

Crystal Yellow Granite The Crystal Yellow granite is one of the most used colors for granite flooring. This granite is very bright in color and perfect for indoor flooring. This is one of the most uniform granite, which has evenly scattered crystals in the pattern.

Flooring Granite Price

Here, we have shared some prices of granite tiles are follows.

Sr.No. Flooring Granite Price in Sq.ft.
1 Indian Black Marquina Granite  $ 1.30/sq.ft
2 Black Forest Granite  $ 1.15/sq.ft
3 Flash Granite  $ 2.20/sq.ft
4 Ivory Beige Granite  $ 1.95/sq.ft
5 Silk Granite  $ 1.60/sq.ft
6 Alaskan Granite  $ 1.95/sq.ft
7 Desert Gold Granite  $ 1.10/sq.ft
8 Tan Brown Granite  $ 1.00/sq.ft
9 Honey Brown Granite  $ 1.15/sq.ft
10 Bash Paradiso Granite $ 1.25/sq.ft
11 Alaskan White Granite  $ 1.80/sq.ft
12 Aster White Granite  $ 2.40/sq.ft

Granite Garage Floors Cost

Not only is it durable and beautiful, but it’s also cost-effective. Depending on the project, Granite Garage Floors start at about five to six dollars a square foot which equates to roughly $1200-$1500 per vehicle that fits in the garage.

Granite Floors Can Last a Lifetime

Durability is one of the most attractive aspects of granite. Homeowners who expect significant foot traffic in certain spaces will do well to install granite flooring. As long as you use the right granite sealer and cleaner, your granite tiles can last for decades.

15 Most Popular Granite Colors of 2022

Here, the list of most popular granite colors, origin, and price are as follows

Most Popular Granite with Origin and Price
Sr.No. Granite Flooring Tiles  colors Origin Rate 
1 Coffee Brown Granite India $39 / square foot
2 Colonial White Granite India $45 / square foot
3 Black Galaxy Granite India $45 / square foot
4 Brass Blue Granite India $45 / square foot
5 Alaska White Granite Brazil and India $49 / square foot
6 Amadeus Granite India, Finland, and Brazil $50 / square foot
7 Blue Pearl Granite Norway $50 / square foot
8 Almond Gold Granite Brazil $50 / square foot
9 Andromeda White Granite Sri Lanka $55 / square foot
10 African Ivory Granite South Africa $55 / square foot
11 Nordic Black Granite Russia $70 / square foot
12 Desert Dream Granite Brazil $70 / square foot
13 Namibian Gold Granite Nambia $70 / square foot
14 Chocolate Bordeaux Granite Brazil $70 / square foot
15 Picasso Granite Brazil $75 / square foot

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