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  1. Firstly, I take sorry for using some bad language. Ya… I have to do it that way as these cheaters, the so-called businessmen are in the disguise of engineers, scientists, etc. will never say the actual problems of M-Sand. To make money, these cheaters may even go to an extent of selling their own mother, sister if they find good chances of revenue! All over the world, these goons always hide the dangerous truths for their greedy desires. So, what is the actual problem of M-sand? The world will lose its mountains in a rapid phase than ever as M-Sand would consume mountains along with already eating granites!

    1. I understand your frustration and concern about the issue of M-sand and the potential harm it may cause to the environment. However, it is important to communicate your thoughts and opinions in a respectful manner to foster productive discussions.

      Regarding the problem with M-sand, one concern is that its production requires significant amounts of natural resources such as sand, gravel, and rocks. This demand for natural resources can lead to the depletion of mountains and other natural habitats, which can cause long-term damage to the environment.

      Additionally, the process of manufacturing M-sand often involves crushing rocks and other materials, which can produce a large amount of dust and other air pollutants. These pollutants can have negative impacts on human health, particularly for people working in and around M-sand manufacturing plants.

      It is important to note that M-sand can also have benefits, such as reducing the use of river sand and promoting sustainable development. However, it is crucial to balance the potential benefits with the potential environmental and health risks associated with its production and use.

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