Marble Flooring | What Is Marble Flooring | Types of Marble Flooring

 Information Marble Flooring

Information Marble Flooring

For thousands of years to create elegant floors Marble has been used widely. And today it became popular for its sophisticated looks and design. Now it is becoming a more beautiful and most recognizable natural building material because of its creamy color and striking grain patterns.

Although from Italy marble famously come and from quarries all over the world at least have hundreds of types of marble. And all of the marbles have unique own personalities. From smaller mosaics to large rectangles in tiles of various shapes Marble flooring comes.

In two basic finishes, the Marble flooring tiles come that one is polished marble and another is honed marble.

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What Is Marble Flooring?

What Is Marble Flooring?

In old days for flooring of any structure marble was the only option, but today for different purposes of flooring, there are 100+ are available in the market. Marble flooring is a design in which the marble is fixing on the floor due to its hardness, high durability, ease of cleaning, elegance, and sleek shine.

Today designer always prefers slab or marble tiles for any flooring option because of its resistance, breaking and cracking strength is higher than other stone. Marble flooring is a polished marble and another is honed marble.

Now marble flooring becoming a more beautiful and most recognizable natural building material because of its creamy color and striking grain patterns. The marble flooring has many advantages that are easy cleaning, multi-choiceoiceour, versatility, and increase home value and increase floor hardness or long-time durability.

To your interior parts of the building, the marble flooring creates a significant shine. Compared to other natural materials the marble flooring is expansive. So, when we design by this marble flooring of the structure became more expansive.

Types of Marble Flooring

There are 8 types of marble flooring for your home that’s are below

  • White Marble Flooring.
  • Beige Marble Flooring.
  • Moscato Beige Flooring.
  • Yellow Marble Flooring.
  • Green Marble Flooring.
  • Blue Marble Flooring.
  • Pink Marble Flooring.
  • Brown Marble Flooring.

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1. White Marble Flooring

White Marble Flooring

The white marbles make the room look brighter and bigger. And also, white marble is the most perfectly radiant marble.

This type of marble is available in the market in many sub-types like Opal white marble, Talai white marble, Zanjhar white marble, Makrana pure white marble, White Sangemarmar marble, Indian Statuario Marble, Carrara white marble, and Morwad white marble.

Depending on the white marble types the price of the marble varies from rs. 120 to 400 per square foot.

2. Beige Marble Flooring

Beige Marble Flooring

To the house is Beige Marble another type of Marble that brings sophistication; this to the room and cozied up the interiors brings the necessary warmth. For flooring purposes in multiple types, this highly durable Marble comes.

3. Moscato Beige Flooring

Moscato Beige Flooring

Moscato Beige has a combination of soft toasted colors with a homogenous background, and the veins are pearly. They resemble earth and sand travertines, these have natural pastel tones. Noticing that has a soft beige base also a beige calcite marble that contains white shadows and light golden streaks which mimics the sea foam.

White marbles premium Beige is a type that can replace; it has a crisp and clean appearance with its subtle beige tone. Per square foot, these marbles tile prices start from Rs. 60 to 200.

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4. Yellow Marble Flooring

Yellow Marble Flooring

For marble flooring, yellow marble is the best choice. Yet it is voguish, it sustains the traditional look. In yellow marble their types of Marble are available, Antique Rainforest Marble, Gold marble, Jaisalmer yellow marble, Yellow Sahara Marble, Rainforest gold, and Goldie marble.

For all types of flooring, it is suitable like patio, indoors, and even countertops. In this type of marble flooring, the price varies from 120 to 400 per square foot.

5. Green Marble Flooring

Green Marble Flooring

The entire house is Green Marble, one of the few types of marble flooring that embellishes. They represent prosperity, nature, and health. In green Marble, the veins found are mostly in white, although ochre, golden, grey, and black of different intensity can be found.

In Green Marble, the different types of marbles available are Mint green, Botanic green like the color resembles flora the name suggests, and with gold veins, it is accentuated, Kesariaji green marble, Emerald Dark green marbles, Rainforest green, Udaipur green marble, marble, and the most commonly used Spider green marble.

6. Blue Marble Flooring

Blue Marble Flooring

Among the types of marble flooring, the Blue Marble is the most serene. When looking at an unhazy summer sky It brings the sort of calmness to your house that you will feel.

With its pastel blue base tone, the subtypes include sky blue Marble, and blurry white veins bring to your floor the Sky itself, Macauba Blue and Blue calcite Quartzite with their chromatic luminosity Blue Sodalite is also an interesting pick and can bring an unparallel aesthetic appeal to your house.

A Blue Marble starts from Rs. 230 to 600The price for a square foot.

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7. Pink Marble Flooring

Pink Marble Flooring

By choosing the lovely Pink Marble is a very simple way to pop color to your house. Lotus pink marble, Asaria Crystal marble, Banswara pink marble, Udaipur pink marble, Katni pink marble, Classic pink marble and are Maharani pink marble names of some pink marbles.

8. Brown Marble Flooring

Brown Marble Flooring

Brown Marble is one of the very popular floorings preference types of marble. Brown Marble can have lines of colors, as different from each other as coral, white, or gold.

They are available in various tones of earthly shades, some of the types of brown Marble are Ebony Suede brown marble, Torrente marble, fantasy brown marble, Oasis Brown, Armani Brown Fossil marble, Sequoia Brown marble, Aggariya brown Bhartiya marble, Kozo brown marble, and Ambaji brown marble.

Then the light-colored marbles are easier to maintain. The price of Brown Marble varies from $2.4 to $3.5

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Marble Flooring

Marble is now mined throughout the world and is highly prized as a natural product for countertops and flooring. Polished marble reflects light to make rooms seem more spacious while offering a touch of elegance. Yet for such an upscale material, marble is also durable and easy-care.

Epoxy Resin Marble Floor

And down down through the middle notice we’re not using any primer on this it’s important that you use primer. We’ll just skip that for the sake of.

Black and White Marble Epoxy Floor

And just start rolling it out. And don’t start soaking your rolled with epoxy on the edges. Do it somewhere where you know it’s nice and thick. Just take it a minute get it nice and soaked.

Grey Marble Epoxy Floor

How much does epoxy flooring cost? On average, epoxy flooring costs $2,108. Epoxy flooring costs ranged from $1,407 to $2,942 for the us in 2019 according to home advisor. Professional epoxy flooring installation costs anywhere from $3 to $12 per square foot including materials and labor.

Marble Polishing Stone

Eco polishing of your marble: use a mixture of baking soda and water as a polish. Combine (45 g) of baking soda to (0.9 l) of water and mix well. Then using a clean cloth, apply the mixture to your surface in a thin layer. Allow to dry for about 5 hours.

Green Marble Bathroom Tiles

Have you heard? Green marble is the latest interior design trend taking over pinterest  and we’re loving it! It’s rich and refined, but still has this undeniably earthy appeal. It’s totally timeless, yet feels fresh and contemporary.

White Marble Bathroom Floor Tiles

Marble tiles are great for bathroom flooring because of its ability to hold water at bay. Should the sink or tub overflow, marble tile will be able to keep the water from seeping into the floorboards that could cause rot.

Marble Polishing Cost

The cost of marble polishing is around ₹40 per square foot.

Blue Marble Epoxy Floor

Epoxy flooring costs range from $750 to $4,928 with most homeowners spending between $1,320 to $3,080 for both materials and installation. Epoxy coating costs range from $3 to $7 per square foot depending on the type of epoxy used and labor costs.

Epoxy Floor White Marble

For best results we recommend to seal the floor using our epoxy primer epi prone mix both pre-weighed components and apply using a medium pile. Roller.

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