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Point Cloud To Revit – Scan To BIM Services

Traditionally, measuring equipment was used for this purpose, but Point Cloud to BIM is now highly recognized for its extreme accuracy. For as-built documentation, as well as renovation and reconstruction projects, we generate high-quality models. 

The process begins with a building surveyor using a 3D laser scanner to scan the entire building. This scanner provides dimension information, resulting in a Point Cloud 3D Model. The 3D laser scanner scans and analyzes the whole structure, creating a .pts file. 

This file is then transformed into a .rcp (Recap) format compatible with Revit software. Subsequently, the modeling is done to convert the model into a Point Cloud file. Renovation projects benefit the most from point cloud techniques.

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Using 3D laser scanners or other advanced technology, point clouds acquire a vast collection of points to construct 3D models of existing buildings. Point cloud files provide a real-world framework for the design process, allowing the simulation of objects or the addition of new models.

At CivilJungle Web Solution, we provide global services to surveyors, architects, retailers, and contractors, assisting them in converting point cloud and laser survey data into data-rich 3D BIM models for use in building processes downstream.

For BIM modeling, we utilize Revit Architecture. Our professionals have extensive experience translating point cloud data into BIM platforms using Revit and other BIM tools. 

We develop accurate As-Built information models of the pipes, walls, slabs, roof plans, facades, and landscapes of structures from both inside and outside. We have worked on LOD 300 to LOD 500 models for architectural elements.

Our Architectural Point Cloud To Revit Services include:

  1. 3D Laser Scanning: Utilizing advanced 3D laser scanners to capture detailed and accurate data of the existing structures.
  2. Point Cloud Data Processing: Converting raw point cloud data into .pts and .rcp formats compatible with Revit.
  3. Architectural 3D BIM Modeling: Creating precise 3D BIM models from point cloud data using Revit Architecture.
  4. As-Built Architectural Modeling: Developing accurate as-built models that reflect the true conditions of the structure.
  5. Facade Modeling: Detailed modeling of building facades including windows, doors, and exterior finishes.
  6. Interior Architectural Modeling: Accurate modeling of interior architectural elements such as walls, floors, and ceilings.
  7. Renovation and Reconstruction Modeling: Providing detailed models for renovation and reconstruction projects.
  8. LOD 300 to LOD 500 Architectural Models: Delivering architectural models with various Levels of Detail (LOD) to meet specific project requirements.

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