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Rate Analysis of Plaster

  • Rate analysis of Plaster used of reference book IS Code 1200 part 12 (IS Code 1200 part 12 used for measurement), and CPWD Part 1.
  • All calculations of Plaster for rate analysis. This calculation calculates of cement, sand (Plaster = Cement + Sand mixture this call mortar) for materials.
  • Plaster is used a sum different proportions 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6, 1:8 etc.(1 cement: 4 Sand). This quantity estimation of the Plaster is required for the rate analysis.

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Important Point in Rate Analysis of Plaster

  • Measurement of Plaster:

    • In booking of dimensions, the order shall be consistent and generally in the sequence of length, breadth or
      width and height or depth or thickness.
    • Dimensions
      • All work shall be measured net as executed in the decimal system, as given below:
        • Dimensions shall be measured to the nearest 0.01 m, and
        • Areas shall be worked out to the nearest 0.01 m2

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  • Deductions of Plaster:

    • For jambs, soffits, sills, etc; for openings not exceeding 0.5 m2 each in area, for ends of joists, beams, posts, girders, steps, etc., not exceeding 0.5 m2 each in area, and for openings exceeding 0.5 m2 and not exceeding 3 m2 in each area, deductions and additions shall be made in the following manner:
      • No deduction shall be made for ends of joists, beams, posts, etc., and openings not exceeding 0.5 m2each, and no addition shall be made for reveals, jambs, soffits, sills, etc., of these openings nor for a finish to plaster around ends of joists, beams, posts, etc.
      • Deductions for openings exceeding 0.5 m2but not exceeding 3 m2 each shall be made as follows and no addition shall be made for reveals, jambs, soffits, sills, etc., of these openings:
        • When both faces of the wall are plastered with the same plaster, deduction shall be made for one look only.
        • When two faces of wall are plastered with different types of plaster or if one face is plastered and the other pointed, deduction shall be made from the plaster or pointing on the side on which width of reveals is less than that on the other side, but no deduction shall be made on the other side. Where widths of reveals on both faces of wall are equal, deduction of 50%(percent) of the area of opening on each face shall be made from areas of plaster and/or pointing as the case may be.
        • When only one face is plastered and the other face is not, full deduction shall be made from plaster if the width of reveal on the plastered side is less than that on unplastered side hut if widths of reveal on both sides are equal or width of reveal on the plastered side is more, no deduction shall be made.
        • When the width of the door frame is equal to the thickness of the wall or is projecting beyond the thickness of the wall, a full deduction for opening shall be made from each plastered face of the wall.
      • In case of openings of the area above 3 m2 each, deduction shall be made for opening on each face but jambs., soffits, and sills shall be measured.
        • NOTE -In calculating areas of openings, the extra width of rebated reveals, if any shall be excluded.

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Rate Analysis of Plaster.

Example for Rate Analysis of Plaster

Plaster Rate Analysis
12 mm cement plaster 1 : 4 (1 cement : 4 fine sand).
Sr No. Description Qty Unit Rate Cost
Details of cost for 100.00 sq.m.
A Labour Charges
1 Mate 8.1 Day 500.00 4050.00
2 Mason 8.1 Day 700.00 5670.00
3 Helper 8.1 Day 400.00 3240.00
4 Bhisti 2.70 Day 400.00 1080.00
5 Coolie 8.10 Day 400.00 3240.00
B Material
Cement 10.51 Bag 320.00 3363.20
Wastage of Material 2% 2% 67.26
Sand 1.46 Cu.m. 1320.00 1927.20
Wastage of Material 7% 7% 134.90
D Scaffolding 1% Extra 1% 53.58
E Transportation Cost 1% 1% 53.58
F Other Charges 2 % Extra 2% 452.72
G Add for Water Charge @ 1% on Items Marked 1% 226.38
H Add for Contractor’s Profit @15% on Items Marked 15% 3395.65
Cost of 100.00 Sq.m. 22904.50
Cost of Sq.m. 229.05
Round off Sq.m. 229.05
  • In this Rate Analysis of Plaster calculation of material, labor, wastage, and other charges in rate analysis.
    • Material Calculation for Rate Analysis of Plaster

      • Material calculation in Rate Analysis like Cement, and sand
      • Cement calculation

        • Dry Cement mortar volume = 1.25 convert Wet cement.(The Plaster mortar dry volume of plaster decrease volume of dry cement mortar, so 1.25 time of dry mortar)
        • Wastage of cement mortar 22 % (1.25) extra
        • So, Cement calculation requirement of cement = 1 x 1.25 x 1.22 = 1.52 cu.m,
        • Multiplay plaster thickmess  = 1.52 x 0.012 (thick Plaster)
          • = 0.01824 Cu.m
        • Herer calculation mortar ratio 1:4
        • The required amount of Cement quantity at mortar = 0.01824 Cu.m. x (1/(1+4))
          • = 0.01824 x 0.2
            • = 0.003648 cu.m. cement requirement
          • Cement in k.g. = volume x density cement
          • Cement in k.g. = 0.003648 cu.m. x 1440 (1440 kg/m Density of cement for 50 k.g)
            • = 0.003648 x 1440 = 5.25312 kg of cement of bag requied ment of cement in k.g.
            • = 5.25312 / 50 (one cemnent bag weight 50 k.g. only) = 0.1051296 bag
          • So, 100 sq.m. mortar requirement of cement = 0.1051296 bag x 100 sq.m. = 10.51 bag
      • Sand calculation

        • Required amount of Sand = 0.01824 Cu.m. x (4/(1+4))
          • = 0.014592 Cu.m. requierd of sand for 1 Cu.m.
        • So,
          • So, 100 sq.m. mortar requirement of sand = 0.014592 Cu.m. x 100 sq.m. = 1.45 cu.m.

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    • Labour for Rate Analysis of Plaster

      • As per calculation of rate analysis in labor consumption per Cu.m. requirement as per our experience or CPWD book, this book public by Central Public Works Department, Government of India for easy calculation of the rate analysis, etc.
      • As CPWD Mate per cu.m. 0.81 of day bhisti, per cu.m.0.27-day coolie, per cu.m. 0.81-day belder, per cu.m. 0.81-day mason, per cu.m. 0.81-day helper, per cu.m. 0.81-day mate  for water curing
      • Extra Work Calculation in Rate Analysis of plaster

        • Extra Changes in rate analysis as per below
          • Scaffolding 1% Extra
          • Transportation Cost 1%
          • Other Charges 2 % Extra (Electrical, and site extra expense)
          • Add for Water Charge @ 1% on Items Marked
          • Add for Contractor’s Profit @15% on Items Marked

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