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  1. GNT20210907762 Applicant Name Gujjarlapudi Rufus Aseervad Grievances location Guntur, Sattenapalli NGOHOMECENTER-(U),
    Registered Date 7-09-2021 Department Municipal Administration And Urban Department Hod Municipal Administration Subject Engineering Sub-Subject Pot, Holes FillUp Please provide new cement road

    1. I don’t have access to specific individual records or real-time data, including information about grievances or specific applicants. Additionally, I don’t have the ability to initiate or carry out actions such as providing a new cement road.

      To address your concerns regarding pot holes and the need for a new cement road, I suggest reaching out to the appropriate authorities in your area. You can contact the Municipal Administration and Urban Department in Guntur, Sattenapalli, or the relevant local government office responsible for road infrastructure. They will be in a better position to assist you with your request and address the grievances related to road conditions.

      It’s also worth noting that it may take some time for road maintenance or construction projects to be undertaken, as they are typically subject to budget allocations, planning, and scheduling. Persistence and direct communication with the relevant authorities are key to raising awareness and ensuring that your concerns are addressed.

      If you have any other questions or need assistance with general information, feel free to ask!

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