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All About of Is a Sash Window

What Is a Sash Window?

A Sash window is a special type of window which has two frames and those frames can move vertically up and down. Sash window is a type of window which is widely used in the time of mid-late 17th This is also one of the best parts of western architecture.

Sash window is good for air circulating, ventilation and it provides a decent artistic and aesthetic beauty to the house.

Types of Sash Windows

Types of Sash Windows

There are different types of sash windows are observed, those are in the following-

1. Venetian Sash Window

This type of sash window is a special type of sash which is widely used in the time of near about 100 years ago. In the venetian sash window, there are three layers are present and two outer panels are fixed and only the middle part can move. These two outer panels can help for smooth movement of the middle one.

The design height of the venetian sash window differs from 176 mm to 142 mm. This window provides a good aesthetic look to the house.

2. Traditional Sliding Sash Window

The traditional sash window is a type of window which is invented in the time of 17th century in the British era. This is the most beautiful sash window of all types and it is the slim one.

This type of window, maintenance work is very frequent like timber shrinkage problems, warping & swelling, rusting, etc. This is the reason why the maintenance charge of this window is very high. In this window, every opener panel has four full wrap seals and to carry the extra weight we need to add a chain system.

You need to use paint for the weathering purpose and it generally lasts for 8 years.

3. Hidden Sash Window

In the hidden sash window, we use two glazed panels and one spring for counterweight. The spring is hidden from the outside.

This type of window is basically used in modern houses. The hidden Sash window is comparatively stronger and more durable than other windows. Here, you need to insulate the metal portion, otherwise, it will be easily finished.

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Benefits of Sash Window

Benefits of Sash Window

There are so many benefits are there of sash windows but some important benefits are in the following-

  1. Safety & Security: Sash window has tight safety and security and it also provides a secure locking system to your house. Sash window also provides good safety for children. It keeps a decent opening distance of the window which can make a good safety for the home users.
  2. Energy Efficient: It is a good example for energy-efficient purposes because in wintertime it provides good space to enter sunlight & in the summer it provides good ventilation of fresh air.
  3. Low Maintenance Work: Sash window has low maintenance cost because it is made of PVC and traditional timbers. In PVC material, it needs a yearly cleaning process and the timber material needs a protective paint coat to keep that safe from different weathering processes.
  4. Versatile: It is a versatile window type because it is ideal for window up gradation and it is used for modern purposes. Functional Type: This type of window is very functional like it is fitted with high-quality balances and provides a smooth vertical up & down movement.

How Do Sash Windows Work?

Sash windows work on the principle of vertical opening mechanism, when you pull it then it will open. Another name of the sash window is the vertical sliding sash window or box sash.

In the sash window, there is a pulley that helps you pull it upward direction or pull down in a downward direction. There is a locking system at the bottom portion of the window.

Are Sash Windows Worth It?

Sash windows are very useful and it has different benefits. It has low maintenance costs and is easily available in almost every place.

The installation cost and the cost of raw materials are very cheap; so, one can easily install this type of window. It provides good safety, good ventilation of air and sunlight.

So, the sash window is totally worth installing.

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Maintenance of Sash Windows

Maintenance of Sash Windows

A Sash window is that type of window; where less maintenance work is required. Those sash windows, which are made of PVC material, need a yearly cleaning program at least one time.

Which sash windows are made of timber, those need a protective coat of painting in an interval of 3 to 4 years to protect from weathering effect.

Replacement of Sash Windows

Replacement of Sash Windows

Replacement of sash windows have many steps, those are-

  1. Overview of Panel: This is the first step of the replacement of the sash window. Here, we need to survey the recent situation of the frame panel. After that, counterweight & pulley checking is mandatory.
  2. Remove Trim & sash: This is the second step where we remove all the sash windows and trim the portions which are not usable.
  3. Assess Frame: After that, we carefully assess the frame of the sash window.
  4. Cleaning Process: Next is the cleaning process where we need to clean the whole frame and the panels of the sash window.
  5. Replacing Glass: In this step, we need to replace the broken or missing glass of the sash window.
  6. Coating: The next process is this where we apply protective paint to protect that from different weathering effects.
  7. Final Checking: So, after the whole process we start the final checking like pulleys and rope checking, overall survey, etc.

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What Material Is Best for a Replacement Sash Window?

What Material Is Best for a Replacement Sash Window?

There are generally two types of material is best for replacing sash window, those are-

  • Timber
  • Aluminum and Clad wood

In general, wood or aluminium clad wood are the best for replacement sash windows as they are the closest to replicating authentic profiling and proportions used in traditional times. The main benefit of uPVC is a cheap price but this often comes at a cost of thicker frames and poor quality.

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Cleaning of Sash Windows

The cleaning process of the sash window is different for different materials. So, wooden sash window and PVC sash window has different cleaning style, those are-

1. Wooden Sash Window

Wooden Sash Window

At first, we need to remove the dirt from that by vacuum cleaner or brush. After that, we need to use a smooth fibre cloth or a glass cleaner for internal purposes.

For external wash, you need to use a sponge or some soap water. After that, you need to clean the upper portion of the sash window. Finally use a wet cloth to remove all the dirt from the window.

2. PVC Sash Window

PVC Sash Window

First remove the dirt from the handles, hinges, panels, etc. For internal cleaning use a glass cleaner or a cloth. The exterior part of the glass should be clean with soap water. Finally use a cloth to clean that totally.


Sash Window

The sash is the moveable part of a window made up of the vertical and horizontal frame that holds the glass. On a double-hung window, the check rail is the part where the bottom part of the upper sash and the upper part of the lower sash come in contact.

What Is a Sash for a Window?

A window sash is the part of the window that holds the glass and the framework around the glass to keep it in place. Window sashes are fitted into the window frame and may or may not be movable. Most windows in newer homes are sash windows.

Pella Proline Replacement Sash

Pella also offers replacement sashes so the entire frame of the window does not have to be replaced. Replacing only the sash requires less manual labor and much less time than replacing a whole window.

Hurd Windows Replacement Sash

Sierra pacific industries (spi) recently completed the purchase of wisconsin-based hurd and superseal windows and doors, making it the industry’s most vertically integrated window company.

Pella Casement Window Sash Replacement Cost

Window Type Window Price Window Price Installed
250 Series Casement Window $225 – $700 $480 – $975
Impervia Casement Window $400 – $1,725 $635 – $2,150
Lifestyle Casement Window $440 – $1,950 $615 – $2,200
Architect Traditional Casement Window $890 – $2,250 $1,100 – $2,595

What Is a Window Sash Replacement?

Designed to fit into existing window openings, “replacement” windows are. double-hung sash units inside thin frames. They’re a way for owners of older homes to get the benefit of today’s energy-efficient windows without ripping out existing trim and siding.

Marvin Sash Replacement

If the problem is only that of broken glass—and the damage is localized—you can replace the window sash only. In some cases, you’ll need to replace the whole window or have a window company or contractor to come in to make extensive repairs.

Cost of Repairing Sash Windows

The national average cost for installing a sash window is $250 to $3,000, with most people paying around $826 for a double-pane, double-hung wood sash window, fully installed.

Cost of Window Sash Replacement

Sash Window Cost
National average cost $826
Average range $250-$3,000​
Low-end $178
High-end $4,626

Replacement Sash Windows Cost

Sash windows come in many sizes, materials, and glazing types, which affect the total cost of a new window installation. The national average cost for installing a sash window is $250 to $3,000, with most people paying around $826 for a double-pane, double-hung wood sash window, fully installed.

Marvin Casement Window Sash Replacement

A window sash is the part of the window that holds the glass and the framework around the glass to keep it in place. Window sashes are fitted into the window frame and may or may not be movable. Most windows in newer homes are sash windows.

Installing Window Sash

Harvey Window Sash Replacement

Harvey double hung window the warranty label is located in the window header under the top sash. To release the top sash, unlock the window and pull the top sash down. Make sure you include the details from your warranty label so we can identify your product.

Replace Bottom Sash Double Hung Window

Fixing a Sash Window

Removing Sash Windows

To get your sash out, you only need to remove the stop on one side, but you can remove both if you want to clean them up more thoroughly. Gently score the paint between the stop and, the jamb and the stool and the sash with a razor knife being careful not to gouge the wood.

Cost of Restoring Sash Windows

Repairing sash windows can be an expensive business, especially if you want to keep all the original frames intact. You may decide that repairing an inefficient older window is not worth the expense, when compared to much warmer new windows, which will keep in the heat and lower your energy bills.

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