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  1. Great site Matthew. Concise, to the point and informative. Thank you so much for providing this information in this format. I quite enjoyed your writing style.

  2. Hey there! My name is Devin. I have a concrete project that has grown to a little more than I expected. Persistent road washout. It is a low water crossing with an 8′ cattleguard that will sit on top. My help disappeared, so I am a one man band. I have already poured the footings (upstream and downstream). The base is the biggest job. (15′ X 10′ X 5″). The supports for the cattleguard are next, then the walls for the erosion protection are last. Since it is a low water crossing, there cannot be any joints in the base due to the risk of water undermining. The base is approximately 2.23 cu yards or just a bit over 100 bags of 80lb concrete I will be mixing by myself. Your article was very interesting about using sugar to delay setting. I’ll need all the time I can get. I estimate it will take me 4.5hours to mix and pour everything (I have a concrete mixer too). I just don’t want to create dry lines between batches and obviously not drying cracks. I have already bought a surface evaporating retardant, but my interest is in the body of the slab. Would you suggest using only the surface retardant, or can I combine the sugar into the mixture (3.68-4.2tps [.05%-.06%) per 80lb bag of concrete? I definitely do not want to destroy all the work that I am doing. If just a surface retardant is good, then great! If I can buy some time w the sugar as well, great too! Thank you for your time!

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