Part Require for CNC New Machine

Part Require for CNC New Machine

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3 Axis CNC  PCI Base Controller USB  /3 Axis controller

 Step Motor /Servo Motor

 Limit Switches

Power Supply ( Smps)

Shield Cable

Spindle for wooden cutting


Dear friend CNC Controller For all work different type of controller

USB Controller

More Detail: Read This Details of Product

Four axis / 6 Axis MACH3 USB motion control card CNC Standard Board MK4  MK6 Wireless handwheel


Specification- USB motion control card:

I. Description USB motion control card:

This is the latest generation motion control card. It could work under Mach3 software. The maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000 kHz.

II. Features USB motion control card:

1. Dual-Processors, ARM+FPGA, More processing power

2. Support all versions of Mach3.

3. Work under Windows 32-bit operating system (not including Mac OS)

4. Support the spindle speed feedback function.

5. USB jack does not need to install the driver, plug and play under all versions of Windows.

6. Full support USB hot-swappable, USB connection status monitoring at any time. Under Mach3 working state, USB cable unplugs and then plugs in, but also the normal connection.

7. Supports four-axis / 6 axis linkage.

8. Maximum step-pulse frequency is 2000 kHz, can connect servo driver and stepper driver.

9. The indicator light indicates various working status, such as USB connection, Mach3 connection, and so on.

10.16 input IO, eight output IO, Supports extended I / O control.

11. Onboard isolated power supply, not need an external power supply.

12. All IO port fully isolated, strong anti-interference, stable performance.

13. Support spindle speed PWM output; support spindle pulse and direction output; support spindle speed output from 0 to 10V analog voltage.

14. Support HXCXHC series of wireless electronic Mach4 MPG

15. With an aluminum shell, effectively shielding interference, stable and reliable performance.

Specification- Wireless handwheel USB motion control card:

Radiofrequency: 433 MHz, ISM, the Tx power is 10DB, and the RX sensitivity is 98DB

USB receiver 4axis / 6axis (X, Y, Z, A,B,C axis) with LCD display real-time display

Support 128*64 dot-matrix input

Support 100PPR electronic handwheel function.

Support the 13 shortcut keys, and the user is free to define the function

Wireless transmission distance of 40 meters

64 channel frequency hopping transmission, strong anti-interference, stable and reliable; the channel gap is 1 MHz

Low power design, 2 AA battery for one month

Industrial grade design, dustproof design, stable and reliable

Applied to a variety of CNC systems, suitable for the use of the industry are: engraving machine industry, engraving and milling machine industry, CNC lathe industry, laser cutting machine industry, flame cutting machine industry, plasma cutting machine industry, automation production control industry.

Package Content USB motion control card:

1set 4axis / 6axis CNC Motion Control Card

1 set 4axis / 6axis Wireless handwheel

PCI Express Controller

 More Detail: Read This 

Details of Product

StudioNcstudio Controller 3 Axis Nc Studio System For Cnc Router 5.4.49 /5.5.55

Features USB motion control card:

Upgraded chips have more stable performance and are faster to process

Support desktop computer with have PC slot, not support Laptop

Three times the thickness of gold plating, 100,000 times of plug and pull, anti-interference data transmission is more secure

Full solder joints, excellent welding, 15-pin interface, anti-interference, good contact, stable data transmission

Specification USB motion control card:

Model Number:3 axis NC Studio controller

Application: CNC engraving and cutting machine

Interface type: 15 pins

Computer type: desktop with PC slot, not support laptop

Driver: NcstudioV5.4.49/V5.5.55

Weight: Approx.448g/15.8oz

Package list:

1 x PCI-3D control card

1 x Breakout card with 15 pins

1 x 15 pins Date cable

Display Controller

 More Detail: Read This 

Details of Product

  • Model Number: SF-2300S
  • Application: Flame Plasma Cutting Machine
  • The distinguishability of screen:640*480
  • Optoelectronic isolation input:16 router
  • Optoelectronic isolation output:14 router
  • RAM Memory:64M
  • The user program storage space:2G~4G
  • screen dimension:10.4” Screen
  • This model of CNC controller system is SF-2300S, an advanced version of SH-2200H or SF-2200H. Similar appearance, operation and price, but more reliable and fast.

If you need old version SH/F-2200H, contact us or leave a message.

We also have other parts to support this system, such as a handle controller, machine cabinet. Contact us if need.


Remote controller

(without battery when shipment according to a destination of international shipping)

Package includes:

1* SF-2300S CNC control system (the software could grade at any time)

1* Input plug (25 pins)

1* Output plug (25 pins)

2* Motor plug (9 pins)

2* Plug (9 pins)

1* Power supply cable

1* manual

system function:

SF-2300S CNC cutting machine system could control the machine tool to do the flame or plasma cutting. It can be set according to the process selection (set of parameters see the seventh chapter). The operation and display of the system, there is step by step function window for prompt. For example: in the main window menu, call a function, the system will launch the purpose of the sub-window menu. According to the screen prompts, press from [F1] to [F8] to select the corresponding function, press the [ESC] button to return to the previous menu.

Characteristics of the CNC system SF-2300S

1.SF-2300S-QG is cutting machine CNC system applicable to all kinds of flame/plasma, high-pressure water jet, laser cutting machine, widely used in metal processing, advertising, stone and other industries.
2.the system high-reliability design, with anti plasma interference, anti lightning, surge capacity.
3.practical flame/plasma cutting process, plasma processing, automatic corner speed control, and increase control.
4.can be used in wireless remote control or wired control box to achieve remote operation.
5. With slotted compensation function, and testing procedures in compensation is reasonable, make corresponding reports for the user to choose.
6.breakpoint recovery, automatic power outage recovery function, automatic memory.
7.arbitrary selections and selection of perforation point processing, processing can be arbitrary skip processing.
8.has the function of the extension and perforation of thick plate and the bridging function is suitable for the thick plate.
9.regression, excerpts, breakpoint recovery, optional position and other functions, greatly facilitate the user’s control.
10.can transfer cut at any time, choose the starting point processing, processing can be automatically broken.
11.uses a small segment function, special walking smoothly, can be widely used in metal and advertising, iron etc..
12.contains 24 kinds of graphics (expandable) parts library, including the commonly used basic processing parts.
13. Be fully compatible with the STARCOM set of software, as well as IBE (Germany), FASTCAM and other mainstream software package.
14. English and Chinese operation interface conversion, dynamic graphics display, Zoom the graphics 1 to 8 times, automatic tracking.
15.Using U disk to read the program and timely software upgrades.
16. Support LOGO image customisation, users can modify their logo (only for SF-2300S).
17.Upgrade button setting, easy to operate (only for SF-2300S).
18.Hardware technology index
19.uses the industrial-grade ARM processing chip;
20.uses 10.4 inch true color TFT display, resolution 640*480;
21. The system provides 16-way photoelectric isolation input, 14-way photoelectric isolation output.
22.Linkage axis number: 2 axes, if need four-axis contacts us for other models.
23.Pulse equivalent: molecular electronic gear, the denominator set range (1 ~ 65535).
24. Running memory 64M, suitable for large processing program (SF-2300H).
25.User program storage space: 32M ~ 64M (SF-2200H); 2G ~ 4G (SF-2300H). size: 410 x 310 x 119 (mm);
27.operating temperature of 0 degrees C ~ +40; temperature -40 C ~ +60

CNC USB Controller Software for Difference Product   

  • Many Types of CNC USB controller all controller supported different software.
  • Most use MACH-3 CNC Controller this controller easy to available in the market.
  • This controller chipper product and smooth working progress.
  • May recommend MACH3 for startup work CNC machine.
  • Also in market chines controller easy available in aliexpress
  • Different type of software for a other kind of hardware controller
  • Different type of software
    • Planet CNC

    • Mach3

    • NC Studio

Step Motor /Servo Motor

  • We need stepper motor/servo motor requirement for all axis move per 1mm acquires
  • All stepper /servo motor requires driver as per motor
  • this driver connected with controller, controller sends single as per requirement
  • Driver controller motor speed as per plus single. main only PLUS for speed, DIR single for Reverse & Forward, ENB motor brake
  • all motor requirement as per load & speed

Limit Switches

All axis XYZ limit that area limit or NPN Sensor

this limit setup No Diagram & NC Diagram

Power Supply ( Smps)

Power supply requirement as per CNC controller power supply

also a requirement  power supply for motor driver 6A power supply as per driver

Shield Cable

Shield cable most requirement because of this cable proctor your system high voltage electron magnetic filed

shield cable mandatory for plasma and laser cutting machine

shield cable save CNC controller

Spindle for wooden cutting/stone cutting

spindle motor with a controller, this different type spindle available of a market like  water base & Airbase

most efficacy water base spindle motor

this also available as per speed & load


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