Difference Between Lime and Cement | What Is Lime (Hydraulic) | What Is Cement

Lime Vs Cement

What Is Lime (Hydraulic)?

It is an important binding material used in building construction. Lime has been used as the material of construction from ancient times.

Fat lime

When it is mixed with sand it provides lime mortar and when mixed with sand and coarse aggregate, it forms lime concrete.

Lime is a good building material for construction its use in the construction of foundations, walls, plastering, white washing is known to you.

Structures like forts monuments, please, bridges constructed years back stands today in good condition of time.

The use of lime has been reduced with the introduction of cement. This is because of cement.

  • Takes less timer fro setting 
  • Has More Strength
  • Having desired Properties 
  • Stored for longer periods etc.

Types of Limes

  • Fat lime:
  • Hydraulic lime:
  • Poor lime:

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What Is Cement?

Oil Well Cement

Cement is a commonly used binding material in the construction. The cement is obtained by burning a mixture of calcarious (calcium) and argillaceous (clay) material at a very high temperature and then grinding the clinker so produced to a fine powder.

It was first produced by a mason Joseph Aspdin in England in 1924. He patented it as portland cement.

Different Types of Cement

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Difference Between Lime and Cement


Lime vs Cement

Lime hardens much more slowly than cement-containing mortars, making it much more workable. Lime is also less brittle and less prone to cracking, and any cracked areas can absorb carbon dioxide and mend over time. The cement hardens very quickly, but may be too strong for some applications, e.g., working with old bricks.

Lime Concrete in Foundation

Lime concrete is very widely used for foundation bases of load bearing walls, columns, and under layers of floors. Due to its flexibility it adjusts very well with the underneath base ground and upper construction of cement base. For better quality of lime concrete it is important to compact & cure concrete properly.

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