Difference Between Carpet Area and Built-up Area


Difference Between Carpet Area and Built-up Area

What Is Carpet Area?

Carpet area means it is an accurate area that can freely be covered by a carpeted inner a house and is the area of the house, excluding the thickness of the inner walls.

If you had to lay out a wall-to-wall carpet in your entire house, the chosen area covered would be the actual carpet area. You get to use the actual area of your house.

Carpet Area

Now we will tell you some important things about the carpet area and which is important to keep in mind while purchasing a house.

Carpet area calculator will help you get on the actual layout area of the property that you are going to buy. The calculated number will give you an idea of the actual space that won’t be used.

Thus, it is measured as wall to wall, which means that the thickness of + the wall is not counted in the carpet area. So, make sure to check the carpet area before buying a home as the carpet area is usually 70% of the total built-up area.9

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Carpet Area Covers:

Balconies within Property unit

A staircase within Property unit



Calculate Carpet Area

Sum of all area (bedroom + living room + balcony + toilet) – thickness of interior walls = carpet area

The carpet area is generally about 70% of the built-up area. For example, suppose the built-up area is 1,000 square feet, then your carpet area should be about 700 square feet because the carpet area is 70% of the total built-up area.

To get an accurate measurement, you have to physically measure the property dimension from wall to wall.

What Is Built-Up area?

The built-up area means it is the area that is totally covered by internal and external walls, and it also includes the ducts & Interior part.

Bilt up area

It is known as the total covered area of the apartment and which is the total sum of carpet area and the total choose area covered by the thickness of walls and includes the terrace, and other livable areas.

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Built-up Area covers:

  • External & Internal walls
  • Carpet Area
  • Utility Ducts & Interior part (example of water pipeline, Interior part of Door and window AC ducts and shafts, etc.)

There also is a term in which most few people are not aware of the plinth/covered area.  It is very important.

Basically, the covered area does not include a balcony and any structure called a cantilever. This does not have any kind of ground support or from the lower apartment.

This, however, is covered in the Built-up area. So, the covered area/plinth area is the area under the Roof.

Calculate the Built-up Area

Built area = Carpet Area + Area of walls + Area of Utility & Interior part

For example — if the Carpet area is 1000 sq.ft, then the built-up area would be around 1100 Sq Ft.

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Carpet Area Vs. Built-Up Area

Carpet Area

The name of carpet areas indicates a carpet area is an area that can be covered by carpet. It is the wall-to-wall distance that makes up for the net usable floor area of the home.

As per the guidelines of the RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development) Act, it is mandatory for developers to disclose the carpet area of each apartment base in which the sale price should be calculated.

Unlike the built-up area, explained below, this area does not include an area covered by exterior walls, balconies, or ceilings.

Carpet area

However, the carpet area, which becomes your personal space, includes the thickness of the interior walls of the house.

Typically, the carpeted area comprises about 70% of the built-up area, including living rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, and even in some cases up to internal stairs.

To calculate the total carpet area, suppose you have a built-up area of   1,000 square feet, then the carpet area will be 70 percent off 1,000 square feet, which is equal to 700 square feet.

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Built-Up Area

The built-up area is the broad area that is the sum of the carpet area and the thickness of the housing unit walls. The area spread over the balcony or terrace is also counted in it.

Bilt-up Area

Mostly, it constitutes about 70 to 80 percent of the property’s super built-up area. It should be noted that the percentage may vary with the project or developer.

In contrast, an additional 10 to 15 percent of the carpet area becomes a built-up area. To calculate the built-up area, suppose you have a super built-up area of 1,200 square feet, then the built-up area would be 70 or 80 percent of 1,200 square feet, which is equal to 840 square feet of carpet or 960 square feet it happens. The area will be 588 sqft or 672 sqft.

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