100 Ways to Save Energy at Home: Energy Saving Tips

100 Ways to Save Energy at Home: Energy Saving Tips

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100 Ways to Save Energy at Home: Energy Saving Tips

There are several ways to save energy at your home. Here are some effective ways and tips to save energy at our home. Those are in the following below-

1. Turn Off All the Fans

You can turn off your fans when you are not at home. You can also apply the same technique to save energy when your pets are at home because pets are generally comfortable in the natural area.

Pets generally want a natural, cooler place like your basement or place inside the craft, etc. You can also prepare a cooler place by closing the blinds or drapes.

2. Seal Doors and Windows

This technique is applied to tropical pets. Most tropical pets like tropical birds or lizards of tropical places can not thrive in drafty places. That’s why we need to seal the door and windows of our house.

By this technique, we can create a climate-like tropical place, and it’s usual for those pets without consuming any type of your house.

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3. Wash with Cold Water

Wash your pet cloth with cold water to save energy, and you can also your own cloth with cold water. After that, for drying purposes, you can use a natural process of drying by hanging the cloth instead of a dryer. It will save extra energy.

4. Use Energy Saving Power Strips

You can plug cell phone chargers, computers, TV, printer, and other electrical applications with power-saving strips. It is a little bit costly process to install, but it will reduce the consumption of energy which will be very helpful for us.

5. Make Sure That Air Vents Are Open

Air vents in any type of house play a vital role in saving energy. Air vents are used to circulate sufficient air and light to the room. Make sure that your vents are not blocked by cabinets and furniture.

6. Don’t Leave the Door Open

If you open the door of your house, then the temperature of your room is gradually rising or decreasing; that will create some major problems. To create a comfortable atmosphere, you need to use some energy, so make sure that your house doors are always closed.

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7. Have Disconnected Time

In today’s modern world, different types of gadgets are available for kids’ use. Naturally, those gadgets consume more energy and more power.

So, to reduce consumption, you can take off those things. Otherwise, you can also set some time period for those applications to reduce power consumption.

8. Use Smart Assistants

In the modern world, artificial intelligence is one of the most important and highlighted things. By using this technology, we are started to shift from manual to smart services like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, etc.

Those devices perform smart work by your voice commands and automatically turn off or turn on lights, and fans by using smart lights or smart fans, etc.

9. Judge Customer Service

Customer service is also another big issue because there are several customer services that do not provide good customer service. So, call those service providers and have a quick discussion.

10. Bundle Up

If you save extra energy in the wintertime, then just follow some easy steps. First, turn off your room heaters and wrap yourself with sweaters, and use slippers for indoor use.

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11. Turn Off Your Home Lights When the Decoration Lights Are On

At the time of holidays, people decorate their houses with decorated lights. These lights consume extra electricity. So, if you are turning on the decoration lights, then please turn off the household lights, and it also highlights the beauty of the decoration light.

12. Cover Your House Windows

Tree plantation is the natural process to keep your room cool in the summer period. If you are not able to plant trees around your house, then please cover your home windows with some heat-resisting materials like foam, thermocol, cupboards, etc. It prevents direct rays and keeps your room cool.

13. Garbage Disposal

Garbage is another energy-consuming issue. So, at the time of disposal, use cold water instead of hot water. This will save extra energy in your room.

14. Cover Pans

When you are boiling something, then use cover pans because they will generate the heat which is generated from the pot. Cover pans will decrease the boiling time of water then. It will also reduce energy.

15. Turn Off Burners in I Kitchen

It is a very tricky process where you can turn off the burners because of the amount of heat stored in the pan, which will help to cook the rest portion.

This way, you can save energy by turning off the burner 1 or 2 minutes ago.

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16. Preheating Food

Preheating food is good, but it is not necessary all the time. Before eating, we always preheat our food, but it takes extra energy, and sometimes it is not required. So, in this way, we can save energy.

17. Broiling

Broiling is another type of cooking where we need to invest some extra energy. So, if the foods are prepared in the natural cooking way, then do not use the broiling technique. It will help to reduce energy consumption.

18. The Refrigerator and the Sunlight

Place the refrigerator at that place in your house where direct sunlight does not come. Direct sunlight will increase the temperature of your fridge, and it will take more time to maintain the original temperature of your fridge, and it requires more energy. So, keep your refrigerator away from sunlight.

19. Turn Off the Television

TV consumes a huge amount of electricity to run. So, when you are not watching TV programs, then turn off the TV to save energy.

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20. Brightness Control

Brightness control is another energy-saving option.TV, tabs, and other electronic appliances consume extra energy when it is running at higher brightness, so try to reduce the brightness for energy-saving purposes.

21. Use Radio Screen Blanking Feature

When the television program is not running, then please put the screen on the blanking feature. The same thing is applicable to your radio. Also, it will help to reduce energy consumption.

22. Switch to Energy Saving Mode

Use energy saving mode at the requirement because at night time we do not need too much bright light, so by using energy saving mode, the light will glow at lower brightness and saves power.

23. Keep Your Kids Safe

Sometimes short circuits will create a problem, and it will be very dangerous for kids. To overcome this situation, use battery-powered LED lamps or blinking LED lamps.

24. Vampire Proof Chargers

Vampire charge loss is a very problematic situation for any kind of fully charged device. Don’t use a power strip. To overcome this situation, disconnect the whole thing, and like this, you can save energy.

25. Work from Home

Working from home is the best process to save energy because here you need electricity, but in the office, you need more electricity for more workers.

Here you also produce some productive work by using less energy, that’s why it is a very important parameter to save energy.

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26. Watch TV Shows Together

Watching TV shows with your family then only once TV consumes energy. Arrange a get-together and watch the TV show together, it will help to reduce the power consumption.

27. Close the Blinds on the Sunny Side

If your blinds of windows are open, then from that place, sunlight will come and heat up the whole room. To get back to the previous temperature, you need to start the air conditioner, and it consumes huge energy.

So simply close the window blinds and reduce energy consumption.

28. Proper Use of Ceiling Fan

You need to use your ceiling fan properly because it also consumes higher energy in summertime. Do not use an extra-capacity fan in a small room; use the proper type of fan.

29. Use Timer in Lights

In recent times we are using smart lights, which are using artificial intelligence, which is very effective for us. By using this type of light, it automatically turns off in the morning time, or you can also set a timer for turning it off.

It will also reduce the consumption of energy.

30. Dust Your Bulbs Regular Interval

Those bulbs which are used in your room are coated with dust, and it reduces the illumination by 50%. This will create a problem, and you need to provide extra powered bulbs, and that will not be necessary. Like this, you will save power.

31. Unplug Electronics Applications When You Are Not at Home

Unplug your electrical application when you are not using those things for a long time. Through this action, you can save more energy from the building.

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32. Clean Out the Fridge

A fridge is an appliance that consumes more energy, but sometimes food creates a bad environment in which the fridge needs to consume more power.

To overcome this situation, you need to clean out your fridge by turning off that application which saves energy.

33. Indoor Spotlight

Spotlights are those lights that are used to decorate trees, aquariums, etc. These lights are inexpensive and save more energy because it plays the dual role of decoration and indoor spotlight purpose.

34. Rate Fluctuations and Types

If you want to want an electricity connection, then they offer you different types of connection like fixed, mixed, variable, etc. So, there are fluctuations in electricity.

If anyone does not need a fixed type of connection, then they can go for a fluctuating type of connection, and the rate of this is also low; in this way, one can save energy.

35. Triple Track Glass

Triple track glass consists of one film and two panels which provides a space to circulate airflow. This helps to reduce energy consumption, so install triple track glass and screen storm windows.

36. Belkin Wemo Stich and Motion

It is a device that controls all your electrical applications by turning off or turning them on. With this device, you can also set a timer for fans, lights, etc.

37. Close Chimney Flue When It Is Not Using

Chimneys are not used all the time; when it is not working, then close the chimney flue. Otherwise, bats get in, and they bring a lot of cold air, so at a certain interval, use your chimney with wooden sticks.

38. Install Low-Flow Water Fixtures

Try to use low-flow mixtures because it helps to reduce energy consumption.

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39. Frost Your Own Windows

Frost helps to block the sunlight. It helps to reduce the running time of air conditioning, so it keeps you cool in the time of summer.

40. Extra Insulate You Home

Check your home insulation system; it is an important parameter to keep your home warmer. Wrap your water heater or windows with extra insulation products for double protection.

41. Replace Your Air Filter

Wrap your water heater, air filter, and piper with extra insulation products; it will help to maintain the same temperature. Extra wrapping will reduce the chance of cooling and decrease energy consumption.

42. Check the Appliances

If some of your home applications are not working properly, then go and clean and repair that product otherwise, it will consume power, but you can not get the required output.

In case of that, you can replace that product and save energy.

43. Go Green

If no greenery is available, then direct sunlight hits your home, and the average temperature of your room will increase. So, plant more trees around your house, and it will reduce the temperature of your room and saves energy.

44. Array Solar Backpacks

A solar backpack is a modern gadget where it gains charge from sunlight. You can charge your laptop, mobile, tablet, etc with this backpack without using conventional energy.

45. Turn Off Lights

When you are leaving the room, then turn off all the lights in your room; it will reduce energy consumption.

46. Use Natural Lights

Open your window blinds; it will help to enter natural lights. Artificial lights are not required for this type of building, where plenty of natural light will help to save energy.

47. Turnoff Videogame and Play Outdoor Games

Today’s kids are wanted to play video games too much. All day and they play video games. It requires more energy consumption, so you need to play outside games less than indoor games. It reduces the tendency of playing indoor games.

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48. Use Fans

Fans are a good substitute for thermostats; using fans will help to reduce the room temperature. Fans generally bring cool air from outside and save extra energy, which was invested in thermostats.

49. Take Shorter Showers

Showers generally take an excessive amount of water for action, so it requires more water capacity, and you need to run the water pump to fill up the reservoir.

So, avoid a shower bath and complete your bath in the normal way. It will reduce the electricity bill.

50. Wash Cloths in Cold Water

It’s not necessary to wash your cloth with cold water; you can wash them with cold water. It saves the electricity bill, which will help to reduce the power consumption.

51. Reduce the Use of Exhaust Fan

An exhaust fan helps to remove the foul air or smoke from our ho9use but using it all time will increase energy consumption. So, try to reduce the usage of an exhaust fan but use it when it really necessary.

52. Adjust Fridge Temperature

All the vegetables and other materials do not need the lowest temperature for preservation in the fridge, but most people run the fridge at the lowest temperature, and it requires more power.

So, adjust your fridge to a minimum temperature and save energy.

53. Reduce the Usage of Microwave ovens

A microwave oven requires more amount of electricity, so try to cook those dish that requires less time to cook.

54. Reduce the Usage of the Bathtub

The bathtub requires more amount of water, and it requires more time to refill the water tank for a water pump. Try to avoid this for energy-saving purposes.

55. Low-Flow Showerheads

Low-flow shower heads reduce the water flow of the shower and reduce the wastage of water, so for washing purposes, use this type of shower head.

56. Turnoff Heater

When you are not at home, then switch off your room heater. In the time of spring, you do not need any extra heat, so reduce this energy by this process.

57. Water-Powered Alarm Clock

Water-powered alarm clock does not need extra electricity, but it needs an all-time supply of water. This is the issue where you need to fill up the reservoir all time, so try to avoid this system.

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58. Vacuum Refrigerator Coil

Using the refrigerator for a long day will create a coating of dirt and debris over the coil of the refrigerator, and it will reduce the cooling capacity of the refrigerator and it consumes more power. So, clean up your refrigerator coil at regular intervals.

59. Prohibition of OverLighting of Room

Bring and set the required lights for one room. Do not overlight your rooms because it’s totally unnecessary and it consumes extra power.

60. Install Dimmers on Your Lights

Install some dimmer lights because it consumes less power than the usual ones.

61. Make Your Fish Tank Energy Efficient

Don’t turn on your fish tank light. It will continuously consume power. Use LED bulbs for lighting purposes. Clean your fish tank at regular intervals; that will help to make the energy efficient fish tank.

62. Use Led Lights for Decorations

LED consumes lesser energy than usual lights, so try to use LED lights for home.

63. Take a Family Walk

Take a family walk in the time of morning or evening because at that time all the electrical appliances will be off and save energy.

64. Check Leakage in Doors and Windows

You need to check the leakages in the doors.

It helps to enter the cold or hot air into the house and takes more energy to balance the temperature.

65. Use Timer on Christmas Light

At festival time, provide a timer on the Christmas light to save energy.

66. Decorate Your House with Candle

Sometimes, use candles instead of electric light. It will provide a beautiful atmosphere and saves energy.

67. Thawing Food

Thaw the foods which you are going to cook. Here, use normal air to warm; do not use electric energy to reduce power consumption.

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68. Buy New Television

Generally, old type TV or LCD TV consumes more power than LED TV. So, buy a new TV to save energy.

69. Bring OLED Technology

The new technology is OLED, and it requires less power to run. Bring some OLED technology into the home.

70. Solar Powered Mobile Charger

A normal charger requires electric power to charge a smartphone, so bring a solar-charged charger to charge your mobile phone. It reduces power consumption and the great use of non-conventional energy.

71. Use Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor lighting requires more electrical energy, but if you use solar-powered outdoor lighting, then it saves more power than the usual one.

72. Install One AC Unit

Try to install one AC unit in your house. Otherwise, if you install more AC, then it requires more power.

73. Weather Stripping the Attic

To prevent air leakage, use weather stripping. It increases the temperature of the room, that’s why try to prevent that leaks.

74. Weather Stripping and Caulking

Caulking and weather stripping prevents escaping air from your house. So, it helps to neutralize the temperature of the room; for this reason, caulking and weather stripping is important.

75. Light Coloured Roofing

Light colors reflect sunlight and keep your room cool. So, paint your roof with light color and reduce energy consumption.

76. Structured Installed Panels

Sometimes foam boards are placed between the plywood boards. It is temperature-resisting material. That’s why it reduces the room temperature and saves energy consumption.

77. Composite Lumber

Composite lumber can also reduce energy consumption.

78. Low Emissary Windows

This type of window reduces energy consumption by preventing heat.

79. Vacuum Insulation Panel

A vacuum insulation panel prevents heat and acts as a heat-resisting system.

80. Close Off the Attic

This is a very cheap process where you can buy an ‘attic tent.’

81. Open a Window

Open a window of your house because it helps to circulate air into the house. It helps to create a pleasant atmosphere without using any electrical appliances.

82. Consider a Prepaid Electric Bill Payment Plan

In prepaid electric bill payment, you need to pay the whole electric bill in advanced mode. So, in that case, you need to pay the amount that you will consume in the future; in these cases, you can get a better budget plan for winter days.

83. Use Programmable Thermostat

The thermostat generally helps to maintain the room temperature. But in most case, all the thermostats are designed manually; if you are using a programmable thermostat, then it will automatically maintain temperature and saves more energy but turn off automatically.

84. Lower Temperature on Water Heater

If you want to warm the water in the water heater, then warm your water with a lower temperature. That will reduce energy consumption.

85. Use Your Appliances Strategically

Use your electric appliances strategically to reduce power consumption.

86. Reduce Thermostat Temperature

Run your room thermostat with a lower temperature to save electrical energy.

87. Take a Family Bike Ride

In your leisure time, go for a bike ride with your family.

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88. Get into Reading

Reading is a very good habit. Reading does not need any extra power consumption, and it increases your knowledge. So, involve more in book reading to save power and induce yourself.

89. Turn Off Your Whole House Power System Before Going Any Trip

When you are going to trip, then turn off all your electrical and electronics appliances to save power because, at that time, it does not require to turn on.

90. Have a Professional HVAC Inspection

You need to do an HVAC inspection. An HVAC system is generally designed for an energy-efficient structure.

91. Stop Paying for Vampire Energy

If any electrical appliances are turned off but plugged in, then it consumes vampire energy or is termed as phantom load. So, unplug all your electrical appliances to reduce the effect of vampire energy.

92. Teach You Kids

Kids have very flexible mindsets, so they give lessons when they are young. So then, what is good or what is bad, prevent your kids from unnecessary spare use of energy.

A good lesson will help to create a better living place for future generations.

93. Buy Energy Star Devices

Energy star devices are designed to reduce energy. So, try to install energy star devices.

94. Cook All the Holiday Goods in One Day

If you cook all your holiday foods in one day, then you save power.

95. Schedule Your Own Power Outage

Schedule your power outage by creating some specific time for specific actions. Play board games, card games, and hide-n-seek with your family to save the power consumption of your house.

96. Use Modern Blocks

Nowadays, modern bricks like AAC blocks and fly ash bricks are used in construction instead of clay bricks. These bricks help to maintain lower temperatures which is very helpful in summer countries and decreases power consumption.

97. Use Tap Water

Use tap water instead of reservoir water. It reduces the filling energy of the reservoir.

98. Manual Mixer Machine

In the home kitchen, we generally use an electrically powered mixer machine, and it consumes more electric power. If we use a manual power mixer machine for blending, then it saves more energy.

99. Use Less Powered Mobile Phone

A less powered mobile phone requires less time for charging and saves power.

100. Install Roof Sheds

Install roof sheds to reduce the heat of sunlight. It helps to reduce the house temperature and keep your house cool.

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Energy Saving Tips

Here are just a few simple things you can do to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home as warmer temperatures arrive:

  • Service your air conditioner.
  • Open windows.
  • Use ceiling fans.
  • Cook outside.
  • Install window treatments.
  • Caulk air leaks.
  • Bring in sunlight.
  • Set the thermostat.

Ways to Conserve Energy

  1. Turn your refrigerator down.
  2. Use energy-efficient light bulbs.
  3. Clean or replace air filters as recommended.
  4. Do full loads.
  5. Use smart power strips.
  6. Air-dry dishes and clothes.
  7. Bake with glass or ceramic pans.
  8. Cook using the right-sized burner.

Ways to Conserve Energy at Home

  1. Utilize Natural Light.
  2. Turn Off Lights and Electronics When You Aren’t Using Them.
  3. Replace Traditional Light Bulbs with LEDs.
  4. Get a Smart Thermostat.
  5. Ensure Your Home is Properly Insulated.
  6. Put Decorative Lights on a Timer.
  7. Identify and Unplug Energy Vampires.
  8. Reduce Appliance Use.

50 Ways to Conserve Energy

  1. Set your electrical geyser’s thermostat from 55 ° C to 60 ° C.
  2. Use the correct heaters.
  3. Install your dishwasher away from your refrigerator.
  4. Keep oven doors closed until the food is cooked.
  5. Don’t open the fridge door unnecessarily, and make sure the seal is intact.

10 Ways to Save Electricity

And they’re so easy to do, you won’t even need an electrician or handyman to help you out.

  1. Turn Down Your Thermostat at Night.
  2. Change Your AC Filter.
  3. Unplug it if You’re Not Using It.
  4. Throw in the Towel.
  5. Never Use Hot Water in Electric Washers.
  6. Wash Full Loads of Laundry.
  7. Turn Off the Lights.
  8. Air Dry Your Dishes.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all these tips! If you have a swimming pool, you may also be wondering how you can reduce your energy costs on maintenance. After all, pools consume a lot of energy. Here are some tips for you:
    1. Purchase a smaller, more efficient pump;
    2. Lower your pool’s temperature;
    3. Choose an energy-efficient heater;
    4. Invest in automated pool features.

  2. Oh, that’s right, using a programmable thermostat is a sure way to reduce energy consumption. But if you still use a regular thermostat that is manually adjustable, make a habit of setting your thermostat around 68 while at home and turning your HVAC off when you’re not around for more than a few hours. At 68 degrees, your system will run most efficiently while still keeping you comfortable, and if you’re not at home, it will save a lot of energy and prolong the lifespan of your unit.


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