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  1. Plase explain the field procedure in ranging a longer distance (about 140 m) along a flat ground to measure the distance between the two points in chain surveying

    1. Peg in surveying is also known as survey peg or survey stakes or survey marking stakes. Survey pegs are used for marking the points and boundaries of the residential or industrial site. Due to pointed ends of the peg, it can be easily installed on the ground. Wooden pegs are cheap and commonly used peg in surveying.

    1. Arrows in surveying are the marking pins that are mostly used in the chain surveying.
      After the end of each chain length, the arrow is inserted in the ground, but if the ground is hard and difficult, a scratch may be made with the pointed end of the arrow.

    1. Definition of cill level and lintel level.
      The bottom or base of the window i.e the height from the room floor where the window starts is known as cill level.
      A window cill may be equal to or greater than the width of the brickwork below it.
      The base portion of the cill level is the build of concrete or bricks masonry.

  2. What are the obstacles that occur during chain surveying?and possible solution to overcome those obstacles

  3. This is very informative though I’ve never done chain, compass and traverse survey in practical form before, I think I have and idea on how to go about chain survey. However, if there’s a way you can put me through and demonstrate in video format how I will be very grateful.

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